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8 Diet Tips For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient for humans as it helps in forming red blood cells in our body. Our body cannot make this nutrient so we have to obtain it through food sources. The daily intake of the vitamin depends on the age and medical condition of a person. A deficiency of this vitamin causes many types of health problems like pernicious anemia, thinning of the stomach lining, immune system disorders, small intestine diseases and other problems. People who are vegan are more likely to suffer from this deficiency. Diet can help in fighting the deficiency and avoiding problems caused by it. We will give some tips for this. Our tips contain several food sources both vegetarian and non-vegetarian through which you can get Vitamin B12. Eat these foods to stay healthy and fight health problems.

Here Are The 8 Diet Tips For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

1. Eat Fruits And Vegetables With Vitamin B12

Some vegetables and fruits contain a high content of Vitamin B12. It includes veggies like cabbage, shallot, chili pepper and Chinese radish. Include these vegetables in your diet. Take fruits like banana, papaya, and guava.[1]


2. Take Dairy Foods

It is possible to tackle Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms by taking dairy foods and products. For this, you can take milk, yogurt, and cheese. Eat cheese like blue cheese, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, Brie cheese, Edam cheese and mozzarella cheese.[2]


3. Take Fortified Foods And Drinks

Take fortified breakfast cereals for fighting the problem of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Taking fortified soymilk also helps in dealing with the deficiency. Fortified foods and drinks have the nutrients added to it to make them healthy.[3]


4. Take Soybean And Fermented Thai Foods

Fermented foods have a high content of Vitamin B12. Thus, you can take soy sauce and tempe. Vegetarian people should include soybean in their diet for getting the vitamin. People of Thailand eat fermented foods like Nam Budu, fish sauce and paste for fighting the vitamin B12 deficiency. Some non-vegetarian fermented foods for getting the vitamin are fermented fish, oyster, ark shell and salt-water mussel. [4]


5. Take Cereals With Vitamin B12

Some cereals and products made with them contain high amounts of Vitamin B12. It includes rice varieties like plain rice, glutinous, enriched and home pounded rice. Take rice noodles and egg noodles that contain rice. Besides this, taking food products like corn and bread is very beneficial. You can eat plain cake and chocolate cake.[5]


6. Take Pulses And Nuts With Vitamin B 12

Eat pulses and nuts to get Vitamin B12 naturally through foods. For this, you can eat pulses like mung beans and soybeans. Enjoy sprouts of pulses like mung and soybean. You can also take soybean products like curd and paste of soybean. The best nut for getting Vitamin B12 is peanuts. Eat the nut.[6]


7. Use Cooking Oils With Vitamin B12

Some types of cooking oils contain high amounts of Vitamin B12. It includes vegetable oil and coconut oil. Use these oils for cooking the daily foods you eat. You can also use shell oil and salad oil in your foods. Besides this, use lard also. Using these cooking oils will protect you from vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms.[7]


8. Take Non-Veg Foods With Vitamin B12

The best option for fighting Vitamin B12 deficiency for non-vegetarian people should eat meat and poultry. It is beneficial to include chicken and eggs in the diet. The egg yolk has a higher amount of Vitamin B12 than egg white. Apart from this, you can eat fish, shellfish and other seafood to combat the deficiency. Take shrimp, ham, pork, turkey, lobster, shrimp, clams, sardines, tuna, salmon, crab, lamb, halibut, swordfish, and oysters. Eat organ meats of animals like liver of lamb and chicken and kidney of lamb.[8]



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