8 DIY Natural Lip Masks For Discoloured Lips

Lip Masks For Discoloured Lips

Skin pigmentation is one of the most common beauty blunder. As the skin of other parts of our body like the face or hands … get tanned or discoloured; same happens with the lips. Lip discoloration could happen due to many reasons such as sun exposure, dry chapped lips, smoking, use of harsh chemical cosmetic products etc. Our lips are one of the most delicate portion and thus damaged easily. Lip discoloration is either in the form of excessive pigmentation or it appears in the form of patches or dots over the lips. This is a major cosmetic issue; listed below are the 8 most beneficial DIY lip masks which help reduce the lip discoloration.

Use The Below Diy Lip Masks For Those Natural Pink Pretty Luscious Lips:

1. Turmeric Lip Mask:

Turmeric is used in many beauty products. It is an excellent depigmenting agent and helps to reduce any kind of discoloration or tan or blemishes or pigmentation. It also nourishes the lip skin. The best way to make a DIY lip mask is to mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with fresh cream or milk so as to make a smooth thick paste. Generously apply this paste over lips with light massaging and leave it for 15 min to rest. Wash off with mild warm water and apply a light lip balm over your lips. It is best to apply the mask before sleeping and atleast once a week.

Turmeric Lip Mask:

2. Replenishing Beetroot Lip Mask:

Beetroot has a natural wonderful dark pink colour and is highly pigmented. To make a wonderful lip mask for discoloured lips grate some fresh beetroot and mix it with a spoon of natural rose water and half a spoon of honey. Apply this thick mixture all over lips and leave to rest for 10 minutes; wash off with cold water. For better results you can cool the paste before using. As an alternative to rose water, rose petal paste can also be used.

Replenishing Beetroot Lip Mask

3. The Essential Oil Mask:

You can simply make an essential oil DIY lip mask to reduce pigmentation of the discoloured lips. It is very simple; mix equal portion of virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil. Add 2-3 drops of lavender oil essential oil to the blend of oils. Apply this oil mix very generously over your lips and massage with your fingers. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. Repeat every 15 days for getting those natural pink lips.

The Essential Oil Mask

4. Ripe Tomato Lip Mask:

Tomato is rich in vitamins and helps reduce discolouration and excessive pigmentation. For a DIY lip mask, extract some fresh tomato juice from ripe tomatoes, add coarse sugar to it so as to make a thick coarse paste. Rub this thick paste over your lips and let to dry. Once dried wash off with warm water. This DIY lip mask reduces discoloration as well as removes the dead skin cells from the lips thus making them soft. Ensure that you put some lip balm after washing off the mask to avoid any drying of the lips.

Ripe Tomato Lip Mask:

5. Berry Lip Mask:

Berries such as strawberry & raspberry contain pigments which are very beneficial in reducing discoloration. All you need to do is squash some mixed berries and mix the pulp with fresh aloe-vera gel extract; cool the mixture. Apply this cool paste on your lips and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with normal water; repeat application of this DIY berry mask every week for best results.

Berry Lip Mask

6. Honey Dewy Lip Mask:

Honey has many properties; it is anti-infective, has moisturising properties as well as is a bleaching agent. All these properties make it the perfect ingredient for a lip mask. Honey is a part of many lip care products and can be used in varied combinations. The best way to make a DIY nourishing lip mask is to mix equal portions of honey and coconut oil and apply it daily over your lips for 5-10 minutes.

Honey Dewy Lip Mask

7. Cucumber Aloe Mask:

Good hydration and cooling is an effective approach towards reducing pigmentation and the same works with your lips too. A DIY lip mask using freshly squeezed aloe gel with freshly grated cucumber works in this manner; it soothes, hydrates, cools and nourishes the lips thus making them soft, healthy and thereby speeding up the healing process and reducing discoloration. The cucumber aloe mask is no doubt one of the most effective lip mask.

Cucumber Aloe Mask

8. The Vitamin C Boost Lip Mask:

A simple DIY lip mask made from dried orange peel powder and honey with a pinch of turmeric gives a vitamin C boost to your lips which helps in reducing discoloration.

The Vitamin C Boost Lip Mask

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