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8 Effective Ways In Which Castor Oil Helps In Controlling Wrinkles

Castor oil has long been used as an ingredient in skin creams and also aids in healthy hair growth. It usage dates back to centuries old Egyptian pharaohs who used this oil for controlling the wrinkle formation. Castor oil is enriched with many vitamins and minerals that ease and delay the symptoms of aging and hence control the onset of wrinkles. The various reasons for using castor oil for wrinkle control are-

Here Are The 8 Effective Ways In Which Castor Oil Helps In Controlling Wrinkles


Castor oil contains omega 9 fats that are extremely nourishing for the skin and penetrate to the layers underneath and moisturise the skin effectively. They control dryness and dull skin problems that could lead to damaging of the skin and wrinkle formation. It is important to keep the skin hydrated and supple to control the symptoms of aging.



Castor oil absorbs well into the skin and even reaches the lower layers of the skin to moisturise from deep inside. It is natural and safe and free of chemicals that can harm the skin.


Maintains Collagen-

Castor oil massage can boost the production of collagen and elastin, which are 2 main components to maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. I f the collagen is healthy and it is well regenerated continuously, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the face and forehead will be delayed and controlled. If castor oil is massaged well onto the face with diligence it can also reverse the process of wrinkle formation and restore youthfulness.

Maintains collagen

Under Eye Wrinkles-

Eyes are the most delicate areas of the skin and they get prone to wrinkles foremost. This area should be taken care of and regular massage of the castoroil gently around this area will control wrinkle formation and also benefit in the case of dark circles.

Under eye wrinkles

Night Cream-

Castor oil is a perfect night cream and can be easily massaged on the face in circular motions and left overnight. Castor oil can also be applied to the face with the help of a cotton ball, but the proper cleansing of the face is necessary before application of this oil. The castor oil works all night on the face and the layers beneath to combat the various skin problems that lead to wrinkles.

Night cream

Controls Skin Oxidation-

Castor oil can be applied to the face first in the morning and then can be followed by the normal sunscreen and make-up regime, once the oil has dried on the face. This helps in protecting the skin against the chemicals in the make-up and also from the harsh sun rays and pollutants that lead to dull, sagging and wrinkle prone skin.

Controls skin oxidation

Controls Skin Problems-

Acne, marks, rashes and blemishes can all be controlled with the application of castor oil. If the skin is prone to damage, it disrupts the natural oils in the skin and this leads to the early formation of wrinkles. If the skin is free of infections, acne breakouts, and dullness, the collagen will be healthy and as castor oil is anti-bacterial is will keep the germs at bay and delay the onset of wrinkle formation in the skin.

Controls skin problems

Reverses Aging-

Regular use of castor oil on the skin does not only delay the wrinkles but also helps in erasing the existing wrinkles and fine lines. It increases the blood flow to the skin which makes the skin softer and plumper looking. Wrinkles slowly start fading away leaving behind a much younger looking skin.

Reverses Aging

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