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8 Effective Ways To Ease Backache

8 Effective Ways To Ease Backache

Are you among the people who suffer the problem of backache? If yes, this post will help you a lot. Backache occurs when you bend in wrong manner while lifting heavy things or sit in a wrong body posture. It happens because it gives a sudden jerk to the delicate column of bones, ligaments, muscles and joints.

Certain other conditions may also cause back pain such as hairline spine fractures, strains, kidney infections and arthritis. Sometimes, it becomes a serious problem when you feel weakness in your legs. For permanent treatment, you can consult to the doctor but for regular and mild pain you must know how to get rid of backache. Here are some home remedies other than rest and making changes in daily routine.

8 Effective Ways To Ease Backache:


Stretching makes your tense muscle to limbers up and strengthens. There are some stretching techniques which would be gentle to your body and doesn’t hurt. If you don’t know about the correct stretching technique, then you can consult to the physician. Stretching your body regularly will help you to ease back pain effectively and quickly.


Relieving Balms

One of the most preferred ways of getting relief in backache is rubbing relieving balm or cream. Many commercial pain relief gels are available in market now which can offer instant relief when you are dying of the killing pain. The only thing to take care during this is not to rub cream too harshly or for longer period because it can generate irritation on the skin.

Relieving Balms


Gentle massage gives effective relaxation to your tensed muscles. Massage will loosen up your muscle and relieve your pain. You can use oil or ointment for massaging your muscle. The best idea is to use an essential oil of your choice and get full body massage at least twice a week.


Make Use Of Ice

Applying ice to the painful area is the best home remedy for pain. Similarly, ice massage on back pain within 24 hours when an injury occurs will help you to minimize the pain. This will reduce the nerve ability to send pain signals to your brain. First put the ice cubes in the plastic bag, and then put the bag on the affected area. Rub the bag full of ice for 20 minutes, and then after a gap of 30 minutes again place it for another 20 minutes. This will make you out from the pain completely.


Take A Hot Bath

If you missed applying ice on pain within 24 hours, then you should opt for hot bath to ease the pain. You can have hot water bath after 24 hours. Taking hot water bath will give your body heat that increases the flexibility of the body muscle to stretch easily without any pain. You can also try to soak yourself in a hot water bathtub for about 20 minutes or more. Pregnant women should not try this method as sitting in hot water for long time can lead to miscarriage.

Warm Bath

Epsom Salt Bath

Other than the hot water bath, you can also try water containing Epsom salt for a bath. If you are having a regular problem of backache, then you must add few handfuls of Epsom salt; it works wonders. Epsom salt goes through the skin and sore muscles to relieve you from pain. Make sure you use lukewarm water that will swell up your muscle and Epsom salt goes through your skin pores.

Epsom Salt Bath

Tennis Ball

Tell your partner to take a tennis ball and put it inside a sock. Then tie up mouth of the sock with a string. Now, gently roll on the ball over the lower back area where you feel pain and carry on the process for about 8 to 10 minutes. This will help you to get relief in back pain.

Tennis ball

Perfect Your Posture

Discover the best posture that suits your body for reducing stress on the back side. The all you need to do is stand straight and put weight of your body on both feet in a balanced manner. Settle in the comfortable position by tilting your pelvis forward. Focus on every area of your body such as chest, neck, shoulders, waist and pelvis. Make sure that you select the best position to offer you a comfortable posture.

Improve Your Posture
So, here is the list of effective and easy methods to ease your backache. Long term sitting and chair job can enhance chances of occurrence of back pain in people of any age, this is why you should take care of walking for about 5 minutes after every 30 minutes of seating. Similarly, if you are lifestyle is related with long distance driving, you should take short breaks in regular interval while driving.


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