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8 Excellent Infused Waters For Good Health

Excellent Infused Waters For Good Health

Water, as we all know, helps us to get rid of the body waste, regulates the body temperature and aids the organs in performing functions optimally. Not only is water good for health, it adds shine to the skin, hair and helps to keep the body hydrated. So if we add herbs, spices and fruits to water, not only will the taste be enhanced but the water will also be loaded with extra nutritional content. It helps the body to detox, lose extra weight, and gives it all the energy to be active all day.

Water infusions can be made easily at home in air tight pitchers or bottles, and there are custom made infusion pitchers also available in the market. These can be made and used after about 2-3 hours and usually be stored up to a week in the refrigerator or till the flavor of the infusion is intact. Let us see the various fruit, vegetable, spice and herb infusions, they are all recipes for a 1 ltr jar, we can increase the quantities of ingredients if we like stronger flavors.

Here Are The 8 Excellent Infused Waters For Good Health:

Basil, Lime And Cucumber –

There is basically no recipe for an infusion. We can add whatever we like as per our taste buds and health requirements. The lime being citrus in nature should be roughly peeled to avoid bitterness. In case the lime is not peeled because we like a bitter tinge to the infusion, it should be removed after a while when the flavor has set in.
Prepare a pitcher of water. Slowly add in 3-4 basil leaves, a 3″ sliced cucumber and 1/2 a lime roughly peeled and chopped. It’s ready to be used after 2 hours. The cucumber is a great weight loss element and the lime is full of vitamin C and basil is high in iron.

Basil, lime and cucumber

Grape And Orange –

This is a great infusion to be taken along in traveling and tastes yum too. A small bunch of grapes should be cut lengthwise in half and 1/2 an orange should be peeled and cut roughly, after removing the edges. The infusion should be prepared and used the next day i.e after 12-15 hours.

Grape and orange

Blueberry, Lime, Cilantro –

Fiber, vitamins, and nutrition, this infusion has all of it. Blueberry contains fiber and lime add the vitamin C. Cilantro gives in the antioxidant powers with its herbal touch and the infusion is ready to be used after a few hours. The infused water can be strained and poured out if it is a regular jar and more water can be added and stirred from time to time. Add mint for the cooling effect if you like. This is great for weight loss.

Blueberry, lime, cilantro

Watermelon, Mint, And Jalapenos –

Watermelon is 92% water add is also full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and more.Jalapenos release the happy hormones for a mood uplift. Take a small slice of watermelon and half a jalapeno that is totally deseeded and a few mint leaves to balance the hot chili. Add all of it to the water and give a stir. This infusion can be stored in the refrigerator for almost a week. Strawberries and cucumber can also be added. This water infusion is perfect for trekking and excursions to rehydrate the body.

Watermelon, mint, and jalapenos

Orange And Vanilla Beans –

Vanilla pods have great antioxidant powers and Orange provides the vitamin C. The vanilla pods can be replaced with vanilla extracts if they are unavailable. Half an orange with 2 pods of vanilla can be slowly added to the water. It is a great detox recipe and controls the formation of extra flab in the body.

Orange and vanilla beans

Cucumber And Lemon Grass –

Not only does this infusion burn calories and helps in detoxing but also has antioxidant qualities. Cucumber provides the cool to the stomach, providing relief from digestive issues and the lemon grass strengthens the immune system with its antioxidant powers. Add 3″ of cucumber sliced into rounds and 2 stalks of lemon grass.

Cucumber and lemon grass

Rosemary And Grapefruit –

This one is a very tasty detox and can easily combat the urge to have sodas and juices which have calories and artificial sweetness.A small sprig of rosemary and1/2 grapefruit roughly peeled and chopped can be added to the water. This water infusion provides detox to the liver and gives the body essential minerals and vitamins for maintaining balance. Care should be taken to lower the ingredients into the water and not the other way round where the water is poured on the items.

Rosemary and Grapefruit

Grape, Strawberry, And Lime –

All these fruits should be roughly chopped, the lime preferably peeled and layered into the infusion chamber and then lowered into the pitcher. This is a super metabolism infusion and has loads of antioxidants and minerals which will make your skin and hair glow with regular intake. Around 7-8 grapes cut vertically, 2 strawberries, and 1 lime chopped roughly can be used to get a jar of light pink infused water.

Grape, strawberry, and lime

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