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8 Excellent Natural Ways To Overcome Sugar Addiction


Natural Ways To Overcome Sugar Addiction

Most of us have a sweet tooth and we just pop a sugar candy without thinking of the potential harm which sugar causes to the body. Weight gain, heart diseases are a few of the problems that can be caused by eating too much of sugar. Often, hormonal changes in women, allergies, and infections like candida and a weak adrenal system, leave us craving for more sugar as the body is drained out and wants more. Eating sugar releases a neurotransmitter dopamine which gives temporary pleasure to the body and then it drops immediately. This leaves the body craving again for more sugar due to the feeling of ‘low’.

The Various Tips To Beat The Sugar Cravings Are-


Yes, studies show that 1/2 hr of meditation every day helps in controlling all kinds of cravings in the body. Meditation reduces stress and cuts down on the cortisol hormone that is responsible for increasing the blood sugar levels in the body. It has been proved that the craving of sugar is even worse than that of cocaine and heroin and needs the discipline to control and reduce its intake.


Avoid Processed Food-

Processed foods like bread, gluten rich foods, and other high carb foods lead to the release of dopamine which drops and then the craving of sugar comes back again. Sugary foods are instant energy providers and if we feel low, the first thing to binge on that comes to the mind is sugar. But it is a vicious cycle and the craving increases as all processed foods like cookies, pasta and canned juices and cereals are laced with sugars that are extremely harmful to the body and their intake should be eliminated from the diet.

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Eat Fermented Foods-

Probiotics not only improve the gut health and digestion but also reduce sugar cravings in the body. They also minimize the ill effects caused by eating too much of sugar. Some probiotic liquids are like quick sugar craving fixes and should be drunk to totally eliminate sugar cravings.

Eat Fermented Foods

Water Intake –

Drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and keep it energetic so as to not follow. The weakness and fatigue in the body leaves it craving for more sugar hence the body should be hydrated and replenished to combat sugar cravings.

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Take Natural Sugars If At All-

Avoid the artificial sugar and substitute it with palm jaggery and replace candies with fruits. Though fruits also increase the blood sugar levels but it is much slower and lesser than artificial sweets. So if you crave for sweets try satisfying it with something naturally sweet.

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Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable-

Instead of eating 3 large meals, it is advised to take 6 small meals in the day. It lessens the dip in the blood sugar levels and reduces our sugar cravings. Evenings meals should not contain meat and gluten-free seeds like quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat should be eaten. These help in releasing serotonin which is the happy hormone and hence the craving to eat sweet item reduces.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

Boost Serotonin-

This is a hormone that is released by the brain which induces happiness within us. It is released with the correct combination of an ideal diet, good sleep and exercising routine. If the level of serotonin is high, sweet craving is controlled.

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Eat Greens And Sea Vegetables-

We should eat greens, especially green juices which provide vitamins to the body and boost energy levels. Also, sea vegetables and seaweeds provide the body with the nutrition it requires for the smooth functioning of the adrenal glands. These healthy greens and vegetables boost the energy and reduce the sugar cravings of the body.



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