8 Healthy Foods From The Mediterranean Diet


Today being on diet has become a norm. Mediterranean diet is healthiest, most followed diet. This diet is beneficial for overall as well as heart health. This diet holds key to longevity, good well maintained life. Nutrients are essential and aide in supplying essential vitamins, minerals. Nutrient based food play major role in Mediterranean diet. This diet is doctors choice as its proven by scientific studies. Lets know more about this essential diet.

Here Are The 8 Healthy Foods From The Mediterranean Diet:

1. Broccoli-  Healthiest Food Available

Broccoli is considered world’s healthiest food. Its highly nutritious with cholestrol lowering benefit, good source of powerful antioxidants and Polyphenols. polyphenols curbs hunger making us feel full. Antioxidants in broccoli prevents cell damages, curbs cell oxidation. These qualities make it good choice hence essential in mediterranean diet.


2. Quinoa-  Highly Nutritious Food

Quinoa is known less but is popular whole grain. Quinoa has high nuritive value and beneficial and good for health. This contains proteins which aide in muscle building. New research has found medicinal benefits suggesting it has anti inflammotry compound, antioxidant properites. Some studies show quinoa and any whole wheat grain combination aides in weight loss, fewer calories. These make quinoa seeds or quinoa a healthier choice.


3. Blueberries- Newest Popular Superfood

These are newest superfood, good for diet. blueberry is low in calorie content but high in fibre, vitamin C, K. Antioxidants are present in every food but blueberry contains most antioxidants known as flavonoids. study suggests falvonoid lowers DNA Cell damages, protects against cancer and ageing. There are other advantages like protection against bad cholestrol, lowering blood pressure and sugar. These make its consumption ideal hence effective protection against heart diseases. Antioxidants in blueberry aides in improving brain function, memory, has anti diabetes effect improving insulin sensitivity. These super qualities make Blueberry on top list of choices.


4. Walnuts- Great Mood Elevator

Walnut is a simple food availabe in any kitchen. Walnut is highly beneficial and vital for good health. Its suggested walnut can prevent prostrate and breast cancer. Good heart becomes necessity hence amino acids in walnuts combats heart problems, gives vascular benefits. Some more medicinal advantages are preventing blood clots, walnut’s antioxidants prevents liver damages. Ideal weight is good and consuming walnuts overtime maintains ideal weight. Lastly, walnuts are good mood stabiliser, aides in tolerating stress, good for brain and diabetes. These fabulous qualities makes walnuts must in morning diet.

Walnuts (2)

5. Beans- Must in Dieter’s Choice

Beans is protein rich. Beans provide good fiber in body and protein aides in muscle building sans fat. This can be consumed daily if we want weight loss. Doctors recommend adding beans can cut calories in body and make us feel full. This new superfood is a must in our everyday diet.

Beans (2)

6. Eggs- Essential Daily Food

Egg is good choice and protein rich food easily available. Egg is very good for health hence doctor’s first choice. New study suddests egg can prevent memory loss, good source of omega 3. Some health advantages are, Chlorine in egg blocks fat from absorbing in liver. This has made egg must in diet if cholestrol doesnt affect health.


7. Spinach- Highest Iron Giver

Spinach is economical and preferred healthy diet choice. Iron is important for body hence spinach is best source. Spinach is low in calories yet vast source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients. Antioxidants in spinach prevents  anything  from ageing to cancer. Research show spinach’s flavonoids protects against free radicals, has anti cancerous properties, heart friendly food. We need healthy, active brain. Spinach slows age related problems and gives good eyesight. Spinach is healthier and pocket friendly choice in diet. Lets make it a must.


8. River Fish or Salmon- Vital Source of Omega 3

Fish is most liked food in world. River fish is healthy and adviced by doctors. Fish is good source of getting omega 3 in body and protein good for heart. Study reveals consuming fish 2-3 times lowers heart disease’s risk, good for bones and reduces blood vessels’s inflammation. Fish must be in diet if we want healthy heart and good health.

River Fish or Salmon

Many diets are there confusing which one is right one. All diets are right in some way. Mediterranean diet is by far the healthiest choice. This ideal diet includes vegatables, fruits beans, nuts and fish. These make it good choice to be followed by everyone. Most doctors and dietcians recommend this diet for healthy living. A healthy living with ideal weight management can be achieved by this superb diet.


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