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8 Home Remedies For Blood Clots


Blood clot occurs when a person suffers from any injury or gets hurt with any hard substance. Blood clot can be a result of cuts, would and such issues which can stop or hinder the blood flow. After getting clotted, the area gets swollen and painful. The veins stop the flow of blood and thus can get painful and red. Thanks to the home remedies which are available for blood clots at home which would simply treat your blood clots! These home remedies use the herbal, organic and natural ingredients to naturally get rid of the blood clots soon without any side effects. Blood clots are very casual and common things and thus a little knowledge regarding its removal would help you quite much.

Go Through These Home Remedies For Blood Clots:

1. Garlic Cloves

Garlic is the king of ingredients which cure bacterial infections and skin issues. Garlic has amazing anti oxidants and healing properties which would get you rid of the blood clots soon. Since eras garlic has been used to treat skin issues and infections when the medicines and proper cure were not available. Consuming garlic everyday would get you rid of the blood clots and the painful effects of clotting soon. (1)

Garlic Cloves

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered as one of the most amazing herbal cure for clots. Cinnamon would simply work wonders on your bruises and wounds while gradually reducing the clots. Also cinnamon maintains the thickness of the blood and removes the clotting deeply. Get some cinnamon powder and mix it in a glass of boiling water. Drink this amazing mixture regularly. Not only it would get the clots removed but also it would provide you relief from the wounds. (2)


3. Turmeric Milk Remedy

Turmeric milk is an amazing solution for clots. If you are suffering from blood clots, wounds, bruises and some serious injuries, it is suggested to drink the turmeric milk regularly for the faster recovery and to prevent the blood clots. Turmeric milk has the healing properties which would reduce pain and swelling and also hinder the clotting of blood. Boil some milk and add a pinch of turmeric and drink twice a day. (3)

Turmeric Milk Remedy

4. Pomegranate

Wondering how pomegranate can help you in reducing the painful effect of blood clots and removing them fast? Pomegranate is filled with antioxidants which help in boosting the blood circulation and reducing the blood clots. Clots are the result of blocked arteries and veins which can be treated with pomegranate. Consume pomegranate or pomegranate juice regularly for better blood circulation and relief from clots. (4)


5. Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable which would help in increasing the blood flow and avoid the formation of clots in the body. Spinach consists of vitamin K and potassium which is very important to make the blood thin and let t circulate just as before. Spinach is a healthy food which would manage proper blood flow and would soon regulate the normal blood flow in your body. (5)


6. Herbal Or Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea are highly beneficial for blood clots. The herbal tea is rich with supplements which makes the blood thinner and regulates the normal blood flow. You must consume herbal or green tea twice o thrice a day for balancing your blood flow which would ultimately result into a remedy for blood clots. (6)

Herbal Or Green Tea

7. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an amazing remedy which would simply work wonders on the blood clots. Consumption of cayenne pepper would simply help the blood to flow and reduce the clots. Thicker blood does not pass through the vessels in an adequate manner causing clots while the cayenne pepper would manage the blood flow and would make the blood thin. If you are injured deeply, this amazing herb would also provide relief and healing to your sore muscles and bruises. (7)

Cayenne Pepper

8. Dark Chocolate

What can be a more delicious way to reduce the blood clots? Dark chocolate boosts the blood flow and thus also it works amazingly on the blood clots. It is observed that this element widens the arteries through which the blood flows making it more flexible for the blood to pass. Try this amazing remedy and get rid of blood clots soon. Clots are jammed blood which sticks and does not flow properly in the body. Working out would boost your blood circulation while dissolving the blood clots. If you are highly injured, you can take a walk or perform some basic workouts which would help in regulating the blood flow through your wounds and getting you rid of the pain. (8)

Dark Chocolate


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