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8 Home Remedies For Eye Bags

When there are tiredness and puffing in the eyes, there is a formation of swollen eye bags on the area below the eyes. It affects the looks and beauty of the face and you may look quite awkward due to this. People who have this feel scared to see themselves in a mirror. The eyes may become swollen due to crying, stress, bad weather, unhealthy food, and hangover. Insomnia, inability to sleep and waking up all night long can make the eyes puffy on waking up next day. The eyes can become droopy. Fluid deposition near the area of our eyes on the skin causes the formation of eye bags. Use home remedies to get relief from this beauty problem. We will explain some easy remedies for this. Following are the 8 home remedies for eye bags.

1. Use Cold Water And Ice Cubes

Cold water helps in healing puffiness and eye bags below the eyes. Wash the face with water. For this, you should use only cold water. Add ice cubes to the water make and then use it for splashing on the face.[1]


2. Use Cucumber

Use cucumber for reducing puffiness in the eyes. You should use chilled cucumber for this. Keep the cucumber slices in a refrigerator to chill it. Lie down on a bed, close the eyes and place the cucumbers slices over it for fifteen minutes. Keep the head on pillows to elevate it when you do this remedy.[2]


3. Use Tea Bags

Tea bags help in giving relief in eye bags by reducing the puffiness. Take used tea bags and remove its extra liquid by squeezing it. You can take tea bags of black tea, dip them in water and use it. Remove the extra water. Keep in a refrigerator to chill the tea bags. Lie down on a bed. Close the eyes and place the tea bags on it. Do this for 20 minutes.[3]


4. Use Coffee Grounds

Use coffee for under eye bags and puffiness. Take coffee grounds and mix them with gel moisturizer. Apply this on the affected areas below the eyes over the swollen part. It will help in de-puffing the eyes.[4]


5. Use Grapes

Use grapes to reduce puffiness below the eyes. For this, take black grapes and chill in a refrigerator for sixty minutes. After that, peel the grapes to remove its outer skin. Lie down on a bed. Apply peeled grapes on the affected areas below the eyes. Also, apply the skin or peels of grapes. Remove the grapes and peel after half an hour and wash the skin.[5]


6. Use Potato

Use potato poultice for eye puffiness. Keep potato in a refrigerator to chill it. Cut it to make small pieces. Wrap it in a piece of cloth. Apply this poultice over the eyes. Remove it after ten minutes. Another method is to cut the potato into thin slices. Dip it in a bowl filled with cold water. Place the slices over the eyes. Apply grated potato on the eyes. You can also use potato juice on the affected areas for eye bags.[6]


7. Use Castor Oil

Castor oil helps in decreasing puffiness and swelling below the eyes. To get this benefit, you should rub a little amount of castor oil on the affected areas. Using just one or two drops of oil will be sufficient for this remedy.[7]


8. Use Cold Spoons

Use cold spoon method to deal with puffiness in the eyes. For this, you should chill two spoons for half an hour by keeping them in the freezer. Take out the spoons. Place them over the eyes for at least five minutes. It will heal the puffiness and eye bags.[8]


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