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8 Mind Blowing Beauty Tips With Epsom Salt


epsom salt

Epsom Salt or magnesium sulfate  has amazing health benefits which may be unknown to you. Calcium  and magnesium are two vital minerals essential for our body to maintain bone strength. While  we take enough care to provide a constant supply of Calcium in our body, we often ignore the importance of Magnesium. It is a proven fact that right proportions  of both Calcium and magnesium are essential for our body. Use of Epsom salt in treating gout, arthritis and other sorts of joint pains is well known, but do you know that this salt can be beauty enhancer and detoxifier as well? To know more about unusual beauty enhancing power of Epsom salt, go through the article and make sure to keep a carton handy.

1. Face Exfoliator:

Try this treatment at night before sleeping. Add little Epsom salt in your cleansing cream and massage your face gently for a few minutes. Then rinse off with cold water. You will be happy to see your face next morning.

face exfoliator

2. Remove Blackheads:

Sounds strange? But it is a fact that Epsom salt is effective in removing those beauty spoilers. Beat an egg white along with some Epsom salt and apply on the affected areas. Allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Then gently remove the blackheads with a soft washcloth.

remove blackheads

3. Skin Mask:

For the extra suppleness of your skin, you can try the following mask with Epsom salt. Take one egg, lemon juice and quarter cup low fat milk, one tablespoon of cognac and half teaspoon of Epsom salt and mix it properly. Apply it over the exposed areas of the body especially on face, neck and arms. This is suitable for those with normal to oily skin. For dry skin, you need to mix one and half teaspoon of mayonnaise, half cup of freshly grated carrot and half teaspoon of sea salt and apply on the exposed skin.

Skin mask

4. Detoxifier Bath:

Detoxification restores your beauty and Epsom salt detoxifier bath gives amazing results. Pour two cups of Epsom salt in a hot bath and soak yourself in it for half an hour. The temperature of the bath should be well within tolerable limits. Magnesium sulfate helps in better body circulation driving out the toxins.

Detoxifier bath

5. Body Exfoliator:

To make your skin glow, this tip is handy as well. Take a handful of Epsom salt and massage all over your body starting from your feet to face. Wet the skin before applying the salt. Massage thoroughly for 10-15 minutes and have a cold bath to wash off the salt. You will find your skin glowing.

Body exfoliator
6. Treat Your Cracked Heels:

Add a quarter cup of Epsom salt in hot water. Use a medium sized bath for this.  Soak your feet in the bath for about half an hour. Then scrub off the dead cells with a pumice stone. This will treat the painful cracked heel and soften your feet.

treat cracked heels

7. Deep Clean Your Hair:

Add little Epsom salt in your shampoo and apply thoroughly on your scalp and all along your hair shaft. Rinse with cold water properly so that no trace of the salt remains. Your scalp and hair will be super clean.

Deep clean your hair

8. Get Wavy Hair:

This may sound unbelievable as well but is a quick method to get the beautiful waves in your hair if you desire so. Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt in a cup of warm water and sprinkle all over your hair. Leave it for an hour or so. With the help of your hair brush, fluff your hairs to get the wavy appearance. This will last for hours.

Get wavy hair


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