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8 Must Know Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Figs



8 Must Know Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Figs

The lusciously sweet figs are enjoyed by people the world over. This delightfully tasty fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Considered to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world, figs can cure numerous ailments. However, consuming excessive amounts of this fruit, particularly the dried ones can unleash a plethora of health problems as well. Consuming too many of these fruits can cause diarrhea, kidney stones, migraine headaches and intestinal bleeding. To get a detailed insight into the other more unpleasant side effects of consuming this mouthwatering fruit, read on.

Here Are 8 Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Figs:

1. Causes Diarrhea

These fruits are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Just one hundred grams of these small wrinkled looking fruits yield a whopping 2.9 gms of dietary fiber. Consuming excessive amounts of high fiber foods like figs can cause diarrhea. Eating too many of these fruits can also cause severe bloating.

Causes Diarrhea

2. Leads To Tooth Decay

The main carbohydrate in this fruit (particularly dried ones) is sugar. A hundred gram serving of this delicious fruit yields almost 16 gms of sugar. Consuming foods which are high in sugar, without following appropriate dental hygiene practices, can accelerate tooth decay.

Toothache Relief

3. Can Aggravate Gout

Foods which contain high amounts of oxalates can trigger gout flare-ups. A single serving of this fruit does not yield high amounts of oxalates. However, when you consume excessive amounts of this fruit it can deliver substantial amounts of oxalates. This, in turn, can worsen the symptoms of gout condition.


4. Can Cause Kidney Stones

These fruits have higher than normal oxalate content. Oxalate is a naturally occurring compound in several fruits and vegetables including figs. A diet that is high in oxalates can lead to the formation of painful calcium oxalate kidney stones.

kidney stone

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5. Respiratory Distress

Dried figs contain high amounts of sulfites. Sulfites are chemicals which are used as preservatives. Ingesting high amounts of sulfites by consuming excessive amounts of dried figs can lead to severe respiratory distress. Typical symptoms of respiratory distress caused by consuming too many of these tasty fruits include wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

Improves Respiration

6. Trigger Migraine Attacks

Consuming excessive amounts of these fruits can lead to a spike in blood sugar level. A sudden rise in blood sugar levels can lead to painful migraine attacks. The dried variety of this fruit contain exceptionally high amount of sulfite, a chemical preservative.  Ingesting foods which are high in sulfites can initiate or even aggravate the symptoms of a painful migraine headache.


7. Spike In Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetics should be extremely cautious when consuming these delectable fruits. These fruits are well known for their high sugar content. Eating sugar rich fruits can lead to a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. This in turn can worsen the allied symptoms of diabetes.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

8. Intestinal Bleeding

This is one of the more serious side effects of this particular fruit. The high fiber content of this fruit can aggravate pre existing digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. One of the more alarming symptoms of IBS is intestinal bleeding.

Intestinal Bleeding


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