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8 Natural Ways To Lighten Dark Knuckles

Lightening Dark Knuckles

Dark knuckles are very common issues in both, men and women. Women especially are extremely worried about the skin pigmentation and love the even toned complexion. However there are several areas in our body which get easily affected with pigmentation and would result into dark and undesirable skin! We have such skin all over our body such as on the knees, on the lips, knuckles, elbows and much more! If you are wanted to get rid of the dark knuckles, you must try some promising natural ingredients which can get you flawless benefits. These natural ingredients are studded with cool bleaching properties which would never fail to lighten your knuckles and make them softer! With perfect blend of natural and cleansing ingredients, here are some amazing remedies which can work miracles on your dark knuckles and get you smooth and fair skin over your knuckles too!

1. Honey Lemon Juice Mix:

A skin lightening and smoothening mixture like this would simply work wonders on your knuckles. If you have extremely dark knuckles and get embarrassed by them, you must try using this glorious blend for fighting it! Honey is a smoothening agent which would fight darkness and get your skin even \toned while lemon juice is a bleaching ingredient which would fight the dark skin forever! Try this super cool blend of ingredients and get gorgeous skin!

Honey Lemon Juice Mix

2. Tomatoes:

If you want quick and stunning results on your dark knuckles, you may choose using tomato juice over it! Tomatoes are the ultimate mild bleaching agents which can transform your knuckles into super smooth and even toned skin! Rub the tomato juice on your knuckles everyday before going to bath! This cool remedy would fight dark and pigmented skin while leaving you with beautiful knuckles!


3. Brown Sugar:

Sugar is a cool scrubbing agent with ski cleansing and brightening properties. If you have dark and patchy skin over your knuckles, nothing would work as miraculously just as the brown sugar. Once you would apply this amazing scrub on your knuckles, your skin would get moist, nourished and brightened! Rub your knuckles with the cool sugar crystals daily and you would love the results! It would simply get you bright and even toned skin in no time!

Brown Sugar

4. Baking Soda:

An ultimate cleaning agent like baking soda would never fail to fight the dark knuckles too. If you skin is dark, pigmented and looks dry, you can try using baking soda to cleanse and nourish it! Also it would add some divine softness to your knuckles making it bright and beautiful! Baking soda is capable of fighting dark skin and redefining it into bright and gorgeous skin! Try this and fall in love with your skin in few applications!

Baking Soda

5. Cucumbers:

What can be more amazing than these refreshing ingredients for soft knuckles? Cucumbers are enriched with cool skin brightening and lightening properties which can fight pigmentation and make your skin glorious! Rub the cucumber slices on your knuckles and let it work for 15-20 minutes. You can also apply cucumber juice and get, marvelous results!


6. Lemon Juice Rose Water:

This is one of the coolest remedies which would get you promising results. Leon juice is a bleaching ingredient which would never fail to make your dark skin bright and beautiful! But If you are concerned regarding your knuckles getting dry and rough after using lemon juice on your skin, you can try rose water along with lemon juice for fabulous results! This glorious mixture would simply brighten up your skin and make it look gorgeous! This skin enriching mixture would not only fight dark skin but leave you with velvety soft knuckles!

Lemon Juice Rose Water

7. Turmeric Honey:

Turmeric is a traditional ingredient which is used in a promising way for skin brightening. This is the ultimate ingredient women use for making the skin white and gorgeous! This herb consists of skin enriching properties which would not only fight pigmentation but would also make your skin smooth and even toned! You can use honey along with turmeric powder for better results and deep cleansing! Try this remedy and get beautiful knuckles in few applications!

Turmeric Honey

8. Papaya:

We love this adorable fruit which would never fail to work miracles on your skin. For fighting pigmentation, dark skin, sun tan and such skin impairments, papayas are the prime ingredients which can get flawless results on your skin! If you have dark and patchy knuckles and want to get rid of them soon, you must try using ripe papayas on it! Blend some papayas and apply it on the knuckles! This would get you bright and soft knuckles in few uses!


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