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8 Natural Ways To Cure Facial Paralysis



8 Natural Ways To Cure Facial Paralysis

The facial paralysis is called Bell’s palsy in the medical terms and it causes temporary paralysis to the single side of the face. This paralysis attack happens so suddenly that the patients become unable to close their one eye or even unable to smile. Due to this attack most of the patients feel facial droop and mask like feeling in single side of the face because of muscular paralysis, pain, headache, lost of taste, drooling and even the hearing problems. This attack usually strikes to the people above the age of 40, but it can even attack to the lower age group people.

Natural Ways To Cure Facial Paralysis

1. Cayenne

The cayenne increases the blood flow in the human body and as a result, the restricted nerve of the paralyzed area of the face gets opened up eventually. The patients should make tea from the tincture of cayenne and must drink it 3 times a day to increase the blood flow. On the other way they can even rub the cayenne to the affected areas of the face to get relief. Pregnant women and people having high blood pressure issues should consult a herbalist before using it for the facial paralysis.


2. Goldenseal

This herb contains a compound named as berberine and it helps to restore the blood flow in the blood vessels. The root of this herb is to be steamed and the extracted water should be kept. Then a clean cloth should be dipped into it and squeezed properly. With this cloth the patients need to give warm compress to the face as much as possible. Otherwise its root should be mixed with cayenne to make a paste, and then this paste should be applied on the face 3 times a day to reset blood flow to the paralyzed muscles.


3. Licorice Root

This herb contains a steroidal anti-inflammatory property that is highly beneficial for the nerve related disease. The tea is highly beneficial for this disease as it reduces inflammation and pain of the patients. The patient needs to boil 2 cups of water with 2 parts of the licorice root to prepare the tea. This tea should be taken 3 times a day before the eating time to get the relaxation.

Licorice Root

4. Ginger Root

Ginger is considered as the natural pain reliever as it contains an ample amount of anti-inflammatory properties. The patient needs to take 2 tablespoons of ginger juice, 2 tablespoon of flax-seed powder and 2 cups of water and should boil it. Then this mixture is to be taken with a slight bit of honey to get optimum benefits. On the other way the patient can paste the ginger and should cover the affected area for 45 minutes to get the soothing effects.

Ginger Root

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5. Asparagus

This herb is very useful for Bell’s palsy as it is sources of calcium, amino acids, folic acids, fibers and vitamins. The patient can extract the juice from this plant and take it directly to get benefits as it strengthen the nerves in the muscles. The patients must use the steamed asparagus in their day-to-day food to get better results for the facial paralysis.


6. Liver Oil

The patients can also use 1 tablespoon of lemon flavored cod liver oil before every meal to get benefits as it acts as a steroid therapy.

Liver Oil

7. Blueberries

The patients can take a cup of frozen blueberries in a regular manner to get benefits as it can repair the myelin sheath of the facial nerves. It also contains antioxidant and immune boosting properties.


8. Facial Massage

The patient needs to do regular exercise like a smile, eyebrow movements, whistling etc. with their face muscles to avoid paralysis. On a regular basis, the patient needs to do a deep massage to the face with ginger or olive oil to get relaxation.

Facial Massage


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