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8 Natural Ways To Overcome Depression

It is normal to feel sad and let down at times. But when this sadness lasts for too long and becomes intense it may turn into a serious medical illness. It will make you feel sad and lonely. It might change the way you are and you might not be able to function properly. If you feel severely depressed or you think you are in urgent need of medical treatment you must contact your doctor. If not so, then you can follow some of these natural tips to come out of it and enjoy your normal life.

Here Are 8 Natural Ways To Overcome Depression:

1. Specific Reason

If there is any specific reason of why you are feeling depressed then you should try to find it out and work on it. It might be your job, your financial condition, unfriendly work environment, your personal life or relationship etc. If you are not satisfied with your job you can try changing it or you can try talking to your partner for your personal problems.

Specific reason

2. Making Friends

Depressed people often feel isolated and helpless. Though it is often said that being introvert doesn’t mean being depressed but if you don’t have any friends at all and you keep all your problems to yourself you might find it hard in tough times. If you start appreciating and loving others you will get the same back. Also it will keep you connected with the world and your friends can become your support system.

making friends

3. Healthy Diet

It is important to have a healthy diet to keep yourself happy. Although there is no specific diet to cure depression you should try to follow a diet rich in nutrients. It will support your body’s repair and growth. Try to limit sugary foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. You may reduce mood swings if your sugar level is stable. You should also avoid getting over-caffeinated.

Healthy diet


4. Meditation

Meditation has always been considered helpful to cure depression. Studies have also shown that it is better than having anti- depressants. Take out 5 minutes in a day, sit in a quiet place, breathe steadily and try to clear your mind.


5. Avoid Oversleeping

Although it is important to get enough rest, it is important to maintain the right balance. It has been found in a research that long sleeping hours can increase your risk of depression. If you are sleeping more than 9 hours in a day you are more prone to depression.

Avoid oversleeping

6. Sunlight

According to a study sunlight can increase our natural anti-depressant in our brain. People generally feel more cheerful on a sunny day than on darker days. It is found that our brain releases more serotonin on a sunny day. This hormone “serotonin” boosts our mood and helps us keep calm. Low serotonin levels can lead to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a form of depression.


7. Exercise

Regular exercise is another way which will boost your self esteem, keep you fit and happy. It will create positivity          and will reduce stress. Join a group exercise which will increase your interaction or you can also join classes with your friend.


8. Therapist

If you feel you need someone to talk to where you can peacefully share your problems and take advice don’t feel ashamed to see a therapist. A therapist will not only listen to your problems but will also work towards the solution. They can encourage you to change the way you look at life and can become a part of your support system. 


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