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8 Remedies For Depression That Really Work

Remedies For Depression That Really Work

When you feel sad and dejected and nothing seems to make you happy and lift your mood, know that you are having depression. It is a normal feeling that each of one has to face at sometime in the life but the problem occurs when depression lasts for more than a few weeks. If your condition persists and interferes with the normal functioning of life, it is a sign that you need help to overcome this problem. The best option for curing depression is to take help of natural remedies. The best remedies for depression are as follows.

Eat Selenium Rich Foods

When you are feeling depressed, you can come out of this state by eating foods that contain selenium. Deficiency of selenium is known to cause anxiety and depression. When you eat selenium rich foods, you will not have this deficiency and its associated symptoms. Some selenium rich foods are Brazil nuts, tofu, sardines, Tuna, turkey, brown rice, shrimp, sunflower seeds, cod, mushrooms, sesame seeds and swordfish.

Eat Selenium Rich Foods To Relief From Depression

Drink Green Tea

You can say goodbye to depression by drinking green tea. The tea contains ingredients that improve the mood and make you feel good. Green tea helps in fighting stress. You can make green tea by steeping the green tea bag in boiling water. Take the tea in the morning time.

Drink Green Tea To Relief From Depression

Drink Chamomile Tea

You can also drink chamomile tea as it helps in relaxing and sleeping well. You can make this tea by steeping chamomile teabag in boiling water for fifteen minutes. If you want a better taste, you can mix milk and honey to the tea. People who suffer from depression cannot wake up early. They also have problems in getting proper sleep. Chamomile contains flavonoids, which helps in sleeping. You can end the day by drinking the chamomile tea before the bedtime.

Chamomile Tea To Relief From Depression

Eat Omega 3 Fat Rich Foods

You should eat foods that contain omega 3 fats. Depression causes a deficiency of these fatty acids. You can come out of the depressed mood by including these fats in your diet. Some foods that are rich in Omega 3 fats are flaxseeds, cauliflower, winter squash, fatty fish, walnuts, soy products and Brussels sprouts.

Omega 3 Fat Rich Foods To Relief From Depression


Exercise plays a very important role in preventing and curing depression. It helps in changing brain chemicals that control the mood, thus making you feel good and happy. When you do exercises, the hormone endorphins are released. This hormone helps in improving the mood and curing depression and stress. You should exercise for half an hour 3-5 times in seven days. You can walk outdoors and if you love the indoors, you can exercise on treadmill. Biking, swimming and aerobic exercises will help you. You can also do yoga.

Exercise To Relief From Depression

Light Exposure

Some people feel depressed in the absence of sunlight during the winter season. This shows how important light is. You can cure depression by light exposure. Try to get out in the sun more. You can also try light therapy. In this therapy, the patient is made to sit in a compartment that has light similar to sunlight. Initially, the time of this therapy is fifteen minutes daily. In the later stages, this time is extended to two hours.

Light Exposure For Depression

Self-Help Techniques

Self-help techniques are very effective in curing depression. If you are going through difficult emotions, you should discuss them with trusted people like family, friends and support group. Increase your social activities. Get enough sleep, at least eight hours daily. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation will help you a lot.

Self Help Techniques To Relief From Depression

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices can help in curing the problem of depression. These activities put focus on awareness and help in change brain functions associated with emotions. Guided imagery is a good mindfulness technique. You can do journal writing and express your feelings through written words. Drumming, hiking and hopefulness are some other useful techniques. Try these activities and see depression out of your life.

Mindfulness Practices To Relief From Depression

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