8 Remedies To Take Care Of Peeling Lips In Winter Season


Remedies To Take Care Of Peeling Lips In Winter Season

Beautiful pink lips show your inner health and it is the center of attraction in your face. Thus it is very important to keep it soft, moisturized and pretty especially in winter, as winter gives you dry and chapped lips. Peeling lips is due to dehydrated and rough lips which happen due to dead skin getting off from your lips. Try these amazing moisturizing remedies for your lips to keep it away from getting chopped and dry like a desert. All the ingredients are easily available and consumes very less time from you daily routine. Be winter ready by using these remedies and get that pinkish winter blush with kissable lips.

Try These Awesome Remedies To Get Flawless Pink Lips Today!

1. Aloe Vera Gel For Your Lips:

Aloe is a master of all ingredients when it comes to skin and hair care! Aloe Vera gel is a natural softened filled with herbal properties and awesome ingredients which can have a great impact on your lips. It hydrates the skin and keeps it soft, plumped and gorgeous! Thus rub or apply some fresh aloe Vera gel on your lips everyday and get rosy pink lips naturally during winters! This is an awesome remedy which would work magically on your lips!

Aloe Vera Gel

2. Glycerin:

This is another ingredient which is a complete hydrating agent and would soften the skin by making it look fuller and thicker! Glycerin is an awesome natural ingredient which can fight dry, dead or rough skin over your lips. Regular application of glycerin on your lips would simply make them bright and nourished. Apply some glycerin on your lips daily and you will get a visible different in the texture of your lips.


3. Rose Petals:

Rose petals are considered as one of the bets beauty ingredients for your skin. If you have highly magical rose infused water, you can apply it daily on your lips and if you want some more magical results, try the rose petals. Crush some rose petals and place it on your lips for a while. Perform this amazing lip treating process twice a day and your lips would not only get smooth, but would look rosy pink and flawless this winter! Don’t forget to hydrate and nourish your lips with this magical ingredient this season!

Rose Petals

4. Cucumber:

Cucumbers are super hydrating ingredients filled with a lot of fluids and water content which will never let your lips get dry and peeled. For using this amazing ingredient, get some cucumber juice and apply it on your lips. You can let it work overnight and next morning, wake with pulped, fuller and pink lips. You can also cleanse and fight the rough skin on your lips by massaging cucumber slices on your lips regularly! This will also give you some unexpected and cool results!


5. Green Tea Bags:

Green tea is one of the bets ingredients which you can use for making your lips more rosy pink and flawless. Green tea allows blood flow and keeps your lips active. Adequate blood flow and external hydration of green tea can make your lips completely nourished. This would also battle skin peeling and drying issues quickly! Thus apply some green tea bags or liquid on your lips and make them look flawless as never before!

 Green Tea Bags

6. Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is such a mesmerizing ingredient which would make your skin bright, shiny and super conditioned! This butter is an exceptional ingredient if you want to make your lips look rosy and beautiful. Cocoa butter can nourish your lips and the greasy texture of this butter will simply keep your lips smooth, plumped and hydrated. Massage some cocoa butter on your lips and let it work on your lips for few minutes. This awesome mask would keep your lips tighter, smoother and rosy pink throughout the winter!

Cocoa Butter

7. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is one of the finest oils which you can use for your lips. If your lips feel dry and rough, massage some castor oil on your lips daily. Before going to bed, apply this nourishing ingredient on your lips and next morning, your lips would blossom just like a flower! This amazing ingredient keeps your lips pink and hydrated for a longer period and battles dryness!

Castor Oil:

8. Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is a magical ingredient which is widely used to treat dry and rough skin. On the lips too, it can have a miraculous effect! Apply some petroleum jelly on your lips and let bit work on your lips overnight. Try this remedy everyday and your lips would become bright, smooth and supple as never before!

Petroleum Jelly


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