8 Simple Steps To Practice Walking Meditation

8 Simple Steps To Practice Walking Meditation

When someone says that he is into meditation, the first thought that crosses the mind is the picture of the person, seated erect on a yoga mat with closed eyes and palms facing upwards, rested on his thighs! But do you know that there are other kinds of meditation that do not require a person to be seated? Well, meditation can be performed while walking too! Sounds incredible? Actually, anyone can start off with this kind of meditation.

Let Us Look At The Series Of Simple Steps Involved In Practising Walking Meditation:

The Intention:

First of all, you should have an earnest intention that you’d start practising and gradually mastering this meditation technique. When the intention is strong, you find the time and energy to carry out your resolve.

The Intention


As a beginner, aim for about 20 minutes everyday, to do walking meditation. There is no need to exert yourself by setting a higher aim. The reason for starting small is the fact that initially, the mind may start to get distracted easily and it is very difficult to practise mindfulness while walking for longer periods.


Path Or Park:

Choose a familiar straight path or the walkway in a park to start walking meditation. Here, it is insisted that you choose a familiar route because you need not pay much attention to finding your way, as you walk. To that extent, your mind is saved of distraction.

Path Or Park

The Beginning(Comfortable Clothing And Switching):

After wearing comfortable clothing and switching to your walking shoes, start off. Stand for a moment and experience the feeling of balance in your body. Feel the body weight being transferred to your legs. Start walking.

The Beginning


Do not aim for brisk walking or speed walking. Walk slower than usual. While walking so, feel the movement of the feet and along the legs. Feel the muscles of your calves, knees and legs getting relaxed. Sense the changes that you experience in your back and abdominal muscles. Feel the pressure from your shoulders vanish as you swing your hands lightly as you walk. Feel the slight and happy sensation of warmth on the face. Continue at an even pace.



It is very much possible that you may get distracted from being mindful while walking. For example, while walking in the park, you notice a beautiful rose flower and your attention gets diverted. What should you do? Relax. Stand for a moment. Take in the beauty of the flower. Celebrate the thought. Then, resort to walking as you bring back your mind to mindfulness towards your body.


The End(Walk Straight):

When you choose a straight path, about 35 – 40 feet wide, walk straight. Cover the distance and stop. Now, turn around, take a deep breath and start walking again. Use this little interval when you stop, to assess whether your mind is getting distracted. If so, utilise this time, to bring it back to its purpose!

choose a straight path


As you start enjoying the whole experience, gradually increase the duration of walking meditation. You can safely increase it from 20 to 30 minutes and upto 60 minutes also. There may come a time when you would feel miserable if you had not undertook the day’s quota of walking meditation.


Finally, The Benefits Of Walking Meditation Are:

Unlike meditation done in a sitting posture, which many people feel is very difficult, walking meditation actually helps the mind to stay mindful and alert! Walking meditation bestows physical, mental and emotional health for the doer. The performer becomes fit and active.

fit and active body

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