8 Simple Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain Relief



Yoga Poses

Sciatica pain is a term used for defining the disease sciatica which causes a type of pain which occurs in the region beginning lower back down to the legs. It is caused due to any damage or irritation of the bottom of the lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine nerve. The frequently experienced symptoms of the sciatica are pain in the lower back portion, pain in the back of the leg which becomes worse due to movement, burning sensation in the legs, tingling sensation in the legs, weakness, numbness in the legs and so on. There is no doubt that sciatica pain is very difficult for the patient and severely disrupts the daily life.

We List Down 8 Simple Yet Very Effective Yoga Poses Which Help In Reducing Sciatic Pain And Granting Relief:

1. Dolphin Pose:

The dolphin pose mainly works on our core muscles, arms and our leg muscles which mainly makes it important for sciatica pain relief. For this pose you need to sit on the floor on your knees so that your hips are set exactly above the forearms which are on the ground. For getting in to the pose pull your knees above the ground in to the air and hold. Hold the position while staying firm and holding all your muscles tight. Try and stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then relieve.

Dolphin Pose

2. The Simple Seated Twist Pose:

Sit on the ground with your back straight and fold your legs through the knees. Put one side of the folded leg on the other side and twist your back towards the opposite side. Make similar repetitions with the other side as well holding the pose for about 1 minute. you need to make sure that your back is straight and not curved and the leg muscles must be held tight and firm.

Twist Pose

3. The Basic Sukhasana Pose:

Sukhasana is the simplest and basic yoga pose; it helps in reducing the sciatica pain. You can hold this position for 3-4 minutes which continuously synchronising your breathing. To form this pose you need to sit crossed on the floor with a straight back and your hands rested on the knees.

 Sukhasana Pose


4. Lotus Pose:

The lotus pose needs a bit of practice for getting it perfectly but it effectively helps with the sciatica pain. You need to first sit with your crossed legs in the basic position; then lift your torso a bit and place both your feet on the opposite side of the thigh. Rest both your palms together forming a Namaste. This pose is also known as the padmasana and must be performed under expert supervision to avoid any injuries.

Lotus Pose

5. The Warrior Pose:

The warrior pose is also known as the Virabhadrasana or the modified high lunge. You need to alternate it with both the legs. Lift one leg forward bend the body down at one knee. At the same time, you need to lift your hands straight up in the air and join them right at the top over your head. You must hold this pose for 30 seconds while arching your back a bit and then repeat with the other leg.

Warrior Pose

6. He Supta Padangusthasana Or The Reclining Hand To Toe Yoga Pose:

This yoga pose is very beneficial and is advised for sciatica patients. You need to lie down flat on the ground. Using a hamstring or elastic band from one hand pull one of the big toe of your leg and form a 90-degree angle with that leg. Repeat the pose within the other leg. This yoga pose is very beneficial and provides relief from the same day.

 Reclining Hand

7. The Monkey Pose Or The Hanumanasana:

You need a lot of practice and expert guidance to get this one right. In this pose both the legs are split; one is forward and other pints backwards. You need to perform this split on the floor without any mats. Once you get the pose hold it for 30 secs for maximum benefit.

 Monkey Pose

8. The Mountain Pose:

The Mountain pose is a simple standing pose but is very effective. You need to stand straight on the ground with hands pointing towards the ground forming a mudra. You need to stretch the lower body towards the ground and upper body away from the ground so as to form a pull inside the body core. As a modification you may also try lifting the body up and standing on your toes; however, it needs practice and supervision.

Mountain Pose

Try the above mentioned yoga poses under the guidance of an expert and see the difference in few weeks.


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