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8 Tips For DASH Diet

A large number of people all over the world suffer from the problem of hypertension. This disease makes the blood pressure rise to very high levels. It leads to several types of health problems. When research was conducted to find a solution to hypertension, it was found that blood pressure could be decreased with some dietary changes without using medicines. This diet is known as the DASH diet. The term in simple language means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Later research revealed that this diet was useful in other diseases like diabetes, kidney problems and heart disease. The diet is very good for deadly diseases like cancer too. People suffering from health problems follow the DASH diet to avoid problems and stay healthy. It is important to become familiar with the diet plan for improving the health. We will give some tips for using this diet.

Following Are The 8 Tips For DASH Diet

1. Eat Fresh Foods

The DASH diet puts an emphasis on buying and eating fresh food. Processed foods and packaged foods bought from the market contain a very high salt, sugar, and fat content increasing the risk of hypertension. Thus, avoid eating all such types of readymade foods. Eat fresh food prepared at home using less salt, sugar and oil.


2. Eat More Vegetables

Include vegetables in your diet. Take half cup of vegetable in a single serving. Take twice the amount of veggies you normally take. It is beneficial to eat two servings that include one cup of your favorite vegetable. If you don’t have fresh vegetables at home, you can use frozen vegetables. Also, you can use pre-cut veggies bought from the market.


3. Eat Different Types Of Fruits

Fruits help in improving the health as they contain very high amounts of nutrients. Include different types of fruits in your daily diet like apples, berries, apricots and banana. Eat citrus fruits like oranges. Dried fruits like dates are also good. Choose frozen fruits that are sugar-free. If you want to eat canned fruits, avoid the ones with heavy syrup.

Eat Different Types Of Fruits

4. Take Salt-Free Foods

Salty foods lead to the problem of hypertension. Avoid foods with high salt content. Take foods with low or no salt. Instead of eating restaurant foods, cook food at home without salt. Take high salt foods such as pickles and sauces in limited amounts or avoid them altogether. Use lemon juice and vinegar for making salad dressings instead of adding salt to it.

Take Salt-Free Foods

5. Use Herbs And Spices

Improve the taste of food by adding herbs and spices instead of using salt. Use herbs like rosemary and parsley. Chop green herbs like cilantro and add to the foods you eat. Use spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to flavor the food. Apart from this, you can use cumin and black pepper powder the daily foods.

Use Herbs And Spices

6. Take Fat-Free Foods

Reduce the intake of fat. Choose foods with low or no fat content. Avoid using too much oil or fat for cooking food. Bake foods with less butter and margarine. Avoid fatty desserts like cakes, pudding and chocolates. Choose low-fat desserts.

Take Fat-Free Foods

7. Take Low-Fat Dairy Foods

Dairy foods like milk and yogurt are an important part of a DASH diet. Instead of the using the whole milk that contains fat, you should use skimmed milk that is fat-free. Use skimmed milk for making tea, coffee, and smoothies. Eat fat-free yogurt for breakfast after adding some healthy fruits in it.

Low-Fat Milk

8. Eat Lean Meats

Non-vegetarian people should avoid eating meat. Meat contains very high fat content and it is not good for health. Instead of that, you can take lean meats like chicken and fish. Choose non-vegetarian foods that contain lean protein.

Lean Meats

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