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8 Tips To Keep The Feet Healthy

Feet Healthy

Feet are an important part of our body. We stand, walk and run on our feet so keeping it healthy is essential for doing the daily movements. Neglect and lack of care can cause foot problems like pain and cracking of feet. The feet also become affected in winters. There can be dryness and cracking of feet due to extreme cold and chilly weather. Eczema and diabetes can cause foot problems, especially during the cold weather. Dehydration and lack of moisture lead to dryness of the feet due to which tiny cracks form on the skin. There are many ways to maintain the health of the feet. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 8 Tips To Keep The Feet Healthy:

1. Soak The Feet In Warm Water

Protect the feet from the cold in winters with a warm water soak. Fill hot water in a tub or bucket and dip your feet in it for minimum ten minutes. Take out the feet and dry them well by wiping with a towel. After that, apply sweet oil on the feet by rubbing on the soles. Do this before sleeping at night daily in the winter season (1).

Soak The Feet In Warm Water

2. Use Jojoba Oil

If the skin of the feet has become very dry due to the cold climate in winters, use jojoba oil to heal this problem. Apply jojoba oil on the feet and do a gentle massage with the fingertips. The oil has a rich and thick texture and it helps in healing the dryness of the skin (2).

Use Jojoba Oil

3. Use Soda Bicarbonate

If the feet have become rough in winters, use soda bicarbonate. Make a solution by adding soda bicarbonate with water. For this remedy, you should use hot water. Pour this solution in a tub and dip the feet in it. Use a pumice stone for scrubbing the feet and removing the rough skin. Dry the feet. Apply talcum powder on it (3).

Use Soda Bicarbonate

4. Use Cocoa Butter And Beeswax

The feet can become very dry in winters. Moisturize the skin of the feet by using cocoa butter. Mix cocoa butter with beeswax and apply the mixture on the feet. Do this at night before sleeping while leaving the mixture on the feet overnight. It will help in lubricating the feet and make the skin soft and healthy. This remedy will heal cracking of skin due to cold weather (4).

Use Cocoa Butter And Beeswax

5. Use Lemon Juice

Use lemon juice if your feet are itchy with swelling. Apply lemon juice on the feet and do a gentle massage with the fingers. Apply glycerine on the feet. Both lemon juice and glycerine will help in healing the feet problems. Glycerine removes knots on the feet (5).

Use Lemon Juice

6. Use Castor Oil

Use castor oil for healing tired feet caused by prolonged standing. Wash the feet and make the skin dry. Rub castor oil and elevate your feet by placing them at a height on pillows placed one above the other. Wash the feet after five minutes. Add essential oil to castor oil for making a medicated solution for the feet (6).

Use Castor Oil

7. Use Petroleum Jelly, Vitamin E, And Aloe Vera

Use a lubricant formula for healing blisters in the feet. Mix petroleum jelly with an ointment of skin cream that contains Vitamin A and D. Mix Vitamin E with this taken from capsules of this vitamin. Add aloe vera to it. Clean the feet and apply the above mixture on it. It will help in avoiding the formation of feet blisters due to friction (7).

Use Petroleum Jelly, Vitamin E, And Aloe Vera

8. Wear Wide Toed Shoes

Wear proper shoes to avoid the problem of bunions in the feet. Avoid wearing small sized footwear that has toe boxes. It is not healthy to use narrow shows so do not use them. Choose proper shoes with a wide internal area with enough space to fit the toe (8).

Wear Wide Toed Shoes

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