8 Ways How Coffee Can Be Used For Skin And Hair


“But first coffee”, this attitude is being followed by most of the youth these days. According to a recent research, about 63% people in this world start their day with a cup of hot coffee. Do you even know that with each cup of coffee that seeps into your body you skin and hair are getting better than before? The go natural and homemade theme is on its peak these days when everybody wants to be very natural and stay away from the harmful side effects from the products that are purely chemical oriented. Now you don’t even head to the spa near you when all you can do is enjoy your favourite coffee while benefitting your hair and skin much better. Detoxify yourself from within and let it display with a perfect glow on your skin. This article will let you know 8 amazing ways a coffee can benefit your hair and skin.

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1. Removes Free Radicals From Your Skin:

You must know this that the free radicals inside your skin are prone to catch dust and impurities and reacts with them to take the shape of bloated acne on your skin. Drinking just one cup of hot coffee everyday makes you get rid of these unwanted skin problems like acne that causes with free radicals inside your skin. These free radicals react with caffeine to get dissolved and leave a perfectly textured skin.


2. Reduces Tan From Your Skin:

Had fun at the beach during your holiday? But now are worried about that awful tan and redness all over your body? While a tanned and dark skin absolutely stylish and beautiful but with a tan comes dry and dull skin which is completely undesirable. Ever heard of those coffee scrubs made at home to remove tan from your skin? All you have to do is to mix some coffee granules with coconut oil and scrub your whole body with it to remove a tan layer from your skin.


3. Unclog The Pores In Your Skin:

Open pores is one of the main reasons for those awful acne to appear randomly on your face. All you can do to deal with this problem is that you can simply un clog these pores with a simple coffee scrub and toner. Prepare a scrub out off the coffee powder mixed with rose water and gently massage it on your skin and rinse off after a couple of minutes.


4. Fights With Redness On Your Skin:

Redness can appear out of nowhere on your skin and especially on your face. In order to get rid of this disgusting redness and to even out your skin all you have to do is to simple sip in a cup of freshly made hot coffee. Coffee is known to fight with redness on your face and makes it look beautiful and even looking.


5. Make It Up For A UV Damage:

Forgot to apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home? Don’t worry you can feed your skin with a good amount of coffee to make it up for the damage done by UV ray. All you have to do is to make a hot cup of coffee that will not only de stress you and make you feel relaxed but also will give it back to your skin taken by the sun.


6. Leave In Conditioner:

The days when you hair won’t co-operate with you this leave in conditioner is just appropriate to add softness and lustre to your hair. Make your hair slay and look absolutely stunning by this coffee leave in conditioner to make it look silky and shiny on your bad hair days. Add a good amount of coffee powder (grinded well) to water and aloe vera gel and spray it well on your hair to make it look absolutely stunning.


7. Coffee In Oil:

Hot coffee is actually a great one for increasing blood circulation in your hair. Mix a good amount of coffee to your regular hair oil and massage it generously in your hair. The coffee will do the job of relaxing the nerve in your brain and also in increasing blood circulation in the area. This formula actually helps your hair to grow much faster and also makes them thicker and stronger strength wise.


8. A Cup Of Coffee For Manageable Hair:

Tired of those frizz and tangles in your hair? De tangle you hair by applying coffee mixed in your regular shampoo. This amazing formula also helps in adding strength to your hair and makes them softer and shinier than ever.


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