8 Ways To Boost Dopamine


Ways To Boost Dopamine

Dopamine is a type of chemical in the brain that helps in increasing the power of motivation, zest, focus, concentration, enjoyment, bliss, and productivity. It is a neurotransmitter through which communication takes place in the brain neurons. Some factors reduce the dopamine in the brain thus affecting your happiness and joy negatively. Poor diet, obesity, thyroid problems, bad lifestyle habits and disease are the factors that affect the dopamine. Due to this, a person may feel lethargic and depressed with a lack of energy, hope, motivation, and joy in life. It may lead to mental problems. There are many ways to solve this problem and increase the levels of dopamine in the brain. We will give some tips for this. Following are the 8 ways to boost dopamine.

1. Eat Foods That Contain Protein And Tyrosine:

It is possible to increase dopamine in the body by eating protein rich foods and foods that contain tyrosine, which is a type of amino acid. Protein is a nutrient that helps in the production of dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Eat foods that contain protein. Take nuts like almonds and seeds like sesame seeds as they contain tyrosine. Other foods that boost tyrosine are spirulina, soy protein, low-fat cottage cheese, mustard greens, fat-free cream cheese, and orange. Non-vegetarian people can eat egg white, salmon, turkey meat, shrimp, and pork. [1]

Eat Foods That Contain Protein And Tyrosine



2. Eat Dark Chocolate:

Another way to obtain Tyrosine that increases the dopamine in the brain is eating chocolate. For this, you should choose semi sweet dark chocolate that contains about seventy to seventy-five percent cocoa, which is a rich source of tyrosine. Eat a small amount of dark chocolate in the mid afternoon time of the day. [2]

Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate

3. Take Vitamin Supplements:

Besides foods with nutrients, it is beneficial to take supplements for boosting dopamine. Take vitamin supplements of Vitamin A, B6, C and E. There is no harm in taking these supplements as the excess vitamins are excreted by the body naturally. Thus, take vitamin supplements to increase dopamine levels. [3]

 Vitamin Supplements

4. Do Meditation:

Meditation helps in boosting dopamine naturally. It helps in calming and relaxing the mind besides reducing stress and fighting the problem of high blood pressure. Get dopamine naturally by doing meditation. [4]


5. Listen To Music:

Listening to music is a natural way to increase dopamine in our body. It boosts the blood flow in the brain and controls blood pressure. Music helps in the formation of dopamine and improving the emotional health of a person. Listen to classical music like Mozart. Besides listening to music, it is also beneficial to play a musical instrument. [5]


6. Do Singing, Dancing, And Laughing:

Dopamine levels in the brain can be boosted naturally by singing and dancing. Sing songs that you like. Play music in the background and dance to its tunes. Laughing also helps in boosting dopamine. Read jokes that make you laugh or watch comedy shows on the television. [6]


7. Reduce Stress:

Reduce stress in your life for boosting dopamine naturally in your body. Engage yourself in stress busting activities that help in re-syncing of the brain. Relax in a quiet environment for thirty minutes daily. During this time, you can do activities like reading non-work books. Also, you can watch television shows that don’t have any type of violence in it. Playing a game of chess is also beneficial. These activities reduce stress and increase dopamine. [7]


8. Do Exercise:

Some exercise and physical activities help in increasing dopamine levels in the body. It includes activities like walking and swimming. Playing sports like tennis and golf is also useful. Exercises like Pilates and aerobic exercises are the best ways to boost dopamine naturally. Besides this, it is good to do mountain biking, martial arts, spinning and weight resistance training. [8]



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