8 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy

The body of a child in still in the growing age and it needs a lot of care to avoid diseases. Parents are often concerned about their child’s health and take all necessary steps to ensure that the little one is protected from problems. Good health helps the children in leading a happy life without concerns. Heart health is an important issue for the kids. Heart disease leads to several other problems later on such as diabetes and even deadly diseases such as cancer. Thus, it is necessary to make the heart healthy. Just as adults adopt healthy habits to avoid heart problems, the children should also follow a healthy lifestyle while avoiding damaging habits. We will give some tips for improving the heart healthy in kids.

Following Are The 8 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Heart Healthy

1. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Including more amounts of fruits and vegetables in the diet helps in avoiding heart disease in children. These foods contain nutrients and phytochemicals that make the heart healthy. It helps in decreasing platelet aggregation. Fruits and veggies also help in reducing cholesterol in the body. Let your child eat carrots, cauliflower, cherries, green peas, spinach and blueberries [1].

Fruits And Vegetables

2. Take A Low Fat Diet

Foods that contain fat can be harmful for the heart health in children. Coronary heart disease in kids can be avoided by taking a low-fat diet. Choose healthy foods that contain less or no fat content. Avoid eating foods that contain cholesterol. For this, avoid burgers and other foods made with meat. Take a vegetarian diet instead of that.

 Take A Low Fat Diet Take A Low Fat Diet

3. Take Low Salt Foods

Hypertension increases the risk of heart disease in children. For avoiding hypertension, give low salt foods to your kids. Don’t add extra table salt in their foods. Use baby foods that are salt free. School going children should not eat hot dogs, canned soups, packaged meats and other foods that have high salt content. Take foods with less or no salt [3].

Take Low Salt Foods

4. Eat Fibrous Foods

Foods that contain fiber are good for the heart health. Let the kids eat fibrous foods like whole grain cereals like wheat and brown rice. Eat bread, muffins, pasta and other foods made with whole grains instead of refined grains. Avoid foods made with white flour. Take brown bread instead of white bread. Eat brown rice instead of white rice [4].

whole grain

5. Eat Healthy Snacks

Ask your children to order healthy snacks from the vending machine at the school. It includes pretzels, granola, dry fruits, cereal and whole grain crackers. Choose snacks that contain less amount of salt and fat. The kids can eat protein bars and low salt chips [5].

dry fruits

6. Eat Almonds

Almonds are healthy nuts that help in avoiding heart disease in children. The nut contains heart friendly nutrients like Vitamin E, phosphorus, protein and other nutrients. Let your child eat almonds.


7. Avoid Smoking

Children and teenagers should avoid smoking tobacco as it can increase the risk of heart disease. The smoke of tobacco contains high amounts of nicotine, which makes the arteries very hard leading to heart attack. So avoid smoking. Also, avoid being near a smoker. When the children inhale the smoke of a cigarette, it causes heart problems [6].

Avoid Smoking

8. Do Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is important for protecting children from heart problems. Parents should do exercises along with the kids to set an example. Take children outdoors for playing games like tennis. Team up with them to play Frisbee. Encourage the young ones to do walking or swimming. Take the whole family outside for walking at night after eating food [7].

Do Regular Exercise

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