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9 Diet Tips For Esophagus Cancer


When we eat food through our mouth, it goes into the stomach through a food pipe that is also known as esophagus. When the deadly disease of cancer affects our food pipe, the condition is termed as esophagus cancer. The growth of cancerous cells in this area is the main cause of this problem. Due to this, the patient has pain and burning while eating food. There is a problem in swallowing the food. The food pipe becomes very narrow. There are indigestion and acid reflex due to stomach inflammation. It causes heartburn. Besides medical treatment, diet also helps in giving relief to the affected person. We will suggest some diet tips for the food pipe cancer.

Following Are The 9 Diet Tips For Esophagus Cancer.

1. Eat Soft Foods

Since esophagus cancer causes a problem in swallowing food, the patient should avoid hard foods that cannot be chewed properly. It is better to eat soft foods that are easy to chew. Eat slowly and take more liquids in the diet. (1)

Eat Soft Foods

2. Take Foods With Vitamins

People who have esophagus cancer can benefit by eating foods that contain vitamins. It is especially beneficial to take Vitamin C and E. The best foods with Vitamin C are citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Also, you can take tomato and grapefruit. For Vitamin E, you should take olive, sunflower and other types of vegetable oils. Eat sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, soybean and leafy greens like spinach. (2)

Take Foods With Vitamins

3. Take High-Calorie Drinks And Juices

The best beverages for esophagus cancer are high-calorie drinks and juices. You should avoid taking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Instead of that, you can drink milkshakes and fruit juice. Avoid drinking diet soda. (3)

Take High-Calorie Drinks And Juices

4. Take Pureed Fruits And Vegetables

Esophagus cancer causes many problems due to chemotherapy and radiation. To avoid these problems, make puree of fruits and vegetables and then eat it. Grind the foods in a food processor to get its puree and consume it. Peel fruits like banana and apples and then puree it. You can take canned fruits and veggies. (4)

Take Pureed Fruits And Vegetables

5. Take Refined Grains

Taking whole grain foods can harm people who have esophagus cancer. Thus, avoid such foods. Instead of that, take refined foods like white bread and rice. Apart from this, you can eat pasta and cereals made with refined or white flour. Do not eat whole wheat bread. Also, you should try to avoid bread that has nuts and seeds. (5)

Take Refined Grains

6. Take Low Salt Diet

Take a low salt diet if you have esophagus cancer. Foods that contain a high amount of salt can cause many problems for you, as it can be harm the esophagus lining. Salty foods also lead to a growth of bacteria thus increasing the risk of infections. Thus, avoid salt. Take foods with less or no salt. Avoid pickled foods. (6)

Take Low Salt Diet

7. Flavor The Foods With Spices And Herbs

The esophagus cancer causes taste changes in which the patient gets a bitter taste by eating food. Besides this, there is also a feeling of metallic taste. To avoid this problem, flavor the food by adding spices to foods you eat. Make the food taste good by using sauces like soy sauce. Use condiments like Creole spice and mustard. Use herbs like rosemary and mint. (7)

 Flavor The Foods With Spices And Herbs

8. Use Heavy Cream

Instead of eating low-fat or fat-free foods, take foods with high-fat content like heavy cream. Make baked foods like cakes and cookies with cream. Use it for making sauces, gravies, mashed potatoes and soups. Besides this, use sour cream also. (8)

Use Heavy Cream

9. Take Foods With Protein

Eat foods with protein as it helps in healing the problems caused by cancer surgery. For this, vegetarian people should take beans and tofu. Take dairy foods like milk and cheese. Non-vegetarian people should eat eggs, chicken and fish. (9)

Take Foods With Protein


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