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9 Disturbing Side Effects Of Soda

Side Effects Of Soda

People are very fond of drinking soda drinks. Very few of us are aware of the harmful effects of these drinks. We love the taste of our favorite cola and its fizz. It is important to make the people aware that soda drinks are made up of sugary water. It does not contain any nutrition as it lacks the essential nutrients required for improving our health. The intake of carbonated soft drinks is increasing with many people liking the taste of these drinks. It is important to know the facts of soda drinks. We will tell you about some dangers of drinking soda. Following are the disturbing side effects of soda.

9 Disturbing Side Effects Of Soda:


Controls Obesity

Taking soda drinks is the main cause of obesity among children and youngsters. Kids love the taste of soda and like to drink it often. It increases fat deposition in the body. Soda drinks cause fat formation near the liver and other organs. It causes weight gain.

Bone Diseases

Pain In The Bones

You can prevent bone problems by avoiding soda drinks. These drinks are rich in phosphoric acid, which makes the bones very weak and causes bone diseases like osteoporosis. People who drink soda have very less muscle mass.

Dental Problems

Dental Health

The phosphoric acid present in soda drinks also causes dental problems. It is the major cause of rotting of teeth. Thus, soda drinks are harmful for teeth also. Children who take soda drinks have to face dental problems due to tooth decay and cavities in mouth. The high sugar content of soda drinks is the cause of cavities.



The soda drinks contain high amounts of sugar. Taking these drinks can increase your blood sugar levels to very high. It is the major cause of diabetes. Extra sugar makes the body fat, which worsens the problem of diabetes. The drink contains artificial sweeteners that increase your craving for the drink. Some soda drinks contain corn syrup, which is a high sugar ingredient rich in fructose.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial Infection

The soda drinks served in food shops and other public places are contaminated by harmful bacteria. This has been confirmed by tests done on samples of soda taken from public shops and soda fountains. There is always a risk of bacterial infection on drinking soda. Studies have shown that the bacteria found in soda drinks cannot be treated with antibiotics, which is even more dangerous for health.

Poor Memory


People who drink soda can have the risk of suffering from poor memory. The drink contains brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient that leads to memory loss. This ingredient is used in soda drinks so that the flavoring agent remains in the drink. It is a hidden ingredient that causes memory problems.

Fastens Aging

Fastens Aging

As the age increases, our body starts showing the signs of aging. Many health problems occur with increasing age. Although it is a natural process that cannot be avoided, drinking soda can fasten this process. It gives us an older look very soon. It can decrease your life span and affect your looks.

Weak Brain


Drinking soda drinks can weaken your brain. The drink is very unhealthy for brain. It contains food dyes that cause damage to the brain. It leads to impaired mental functioning. People who take soda drinks have problem in focusing, impulsiveness and increased hyper activeness.


Defeats Cancer

You may not know the fact that your favorite soda drink contains caramel coloring, which has been found to cause cancer. Caramel is used as an artificial coloring agent. It contains cancer causing contaminants that are very harmful for health. Soda drinks contain another carcinogen, which is the formaldehyde. This ingredient can cause many types of cancers. Preservatives like potassium benzoate are used in soda drinks, which is a very harmful carcinogen.

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