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9 Easy Home Remedies For Boils On The Inner Thighs

 The Inner Thighs

Boils occurring on the inner thighs can be nasty making it difficult for you to carry out your routine activities easily. Boils are nothing but yellow or white small bumps containing pus that can also infect other skin areas. Usually, boils occur due to staphylococcal bacterial infection.

However, other causes, such as infected sweat glands, affected hair follicle, poor hygiene and nutrition, poor immunity, and chronic ailments, can also result in the occurrence of boils on your inner thighs. With helps of appropriate home remedies, you can treat the boils easily and effectively.

Find Below Some Easy Yet Effective Home Remedies To Cure Boils Appearing On The Inner Thighs:-

Epsom Salt

Epson salt aids in bringing boil to its head and drain the liquid and bacteria present in it. The salt is an effective absorbent so it aids in clearing of impurities and toxins from the skin of your inner thighs. All you need to do is dissolve a quarter cup of this salt in two cups of hot water, let it turn warm, dip a piece of cloth in the solution, and place it on your boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. Follow this for a few times every day.

Epsom Salt


Cornmeal is one of the effective remedies to treat nasty boil on the inner thigh. Cornmeal possesses absorptive properties that help you in getting rid of the boil. All you need to do is mix a tbsp cornmeal in some hot water and prepare its paste. Apply the remedial past on the boil present on your thigh with help of a piece of cloth and let it stay for about twenty minutes. Follow this many times every day till the pus drains out.

Corn Meal 1

Warm Compress

Heat application is one of the easiest techniques to cure boil on the inner thigh. Applying warm compress on the boil present on your inner thigh improves the circulation of the blood and enables your white blood cells to combat the infections. All you need to do is dip a piece of cloth in warm water and with help of it squeeze excess of water from the boil. Repeat this till the pus drains from the boil completely.

Heat Compress

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a brilliant cure for boil appearing on the inner thighs. The oil possesses powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. All you need to do is dip a small cotton ball in the oil and dab it on the infected skin on the inner thighs. Repeat this for a couple of times daily till the boil heals.

Tea Tree oil

Milk Cream

Milk cream is an effective, remedial poultice to treat boils occurring on the inner thighs. The cream aids in softening the boil and draining the pus out of the head of the boil. All you need to do is apply some fresh milk cream on the boil and let it stay on it for half an hour. Follow this for a couple of times every day.

Milk Cream


Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that support the healing of boil. It contains a natural compound popular as curcumin which provides you a great relief from the pain resulting due to the boil. All you need to do is prepare a paste by mixing some powder of turmeric in water and apply it on the boil for about 30 minutes. Repeat this till the boil erupts.



Onions are known for their unique antiseptic properties that aid combating skin infections and promote healing. Onion juice provides antimicrobial effects and aids in extracting heat from the boil appearing on the inner thigh. It promotes boil’s eruption and minimizes pain and inflammation resulting due to it. All you need to do is cut onion slices, place them on the boil, and cover them up with a cloth. Change the slices after every three hours till the boil drains out.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar possesses antimicrobial properties that aid in combating various skin infections. Also, it is known as a natural antiseptic. All you need to do is mix some apple cider vinegar with some water and apply the solution on the boil with help of a cotton ball. Follow this process till the boil drains out.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Garlic is known for its antibacterial properties that aid in treating various infections. Garlic juice is effective in ripening and draining the boil that occurs on the inner thighs. All you need to do is crush two to three fresh garlic cloves and extract fresh juice through them. Apply the remedial juice on the boil with help of a ball of cotton and let it stay on the boil for some time. Follow this procedure till the boil drains out.



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