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9 Foods That Help Relieve Nausea



Relieve Nausea

Nausea is a feeling of uneasiness that is difficult to express in words. This miserable feeling which is often a pre- curser to vomiting due to irritation in the stomach lining is a signal that there is something wrong with our digestion. . A variety of conditions can cause nausea like indigestion, pregnancy, stomach illness, dehydration, food poisoning, anxiety, stress, motion sickness, stomach illness, acid reflux and certain medications. Many cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy also experience a feeling of queasiness during their treatment. Eating spicy and greasy foods that are hard to digest, strong food aromas and hot humid temperature can further exacerbate the symptoms. To reduce queasiness, choose low-fat and bland foods. Staying hydrated is important. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Some foods help to relieve from the feeling of queasiness. Here are 9 foods to try.

Foods To Try To Relieve Nausea

1. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries in folk remedy as an anti-nausea remedy. In whichever form you may take ginger like ginger tea, ginger ale or raw ginger, it is guaranteed remedy to settle nausea. Scientists believe that phytochemical contained in ginger helps in settling the stomach. Promoting secretion of digestive enzymes ginger helps to neutralize stomach acid. The phenols contained in ginger acts to relax the irritated stomach tissue and bring relief from nausea and also aid the intestine in moving digested food and toxins fast. So whatever unwanted stuff that makes you ill excreted from the system faster. You can take ginger in the form of ginger tea, ginger ale, add grated ginger in soups, and stir fries etc. to sooth nausea and upset stomach.


2. Lemons

Lemons are effective remedy for relieving nausea. The neutralizing acids contained in lemon helps to create bicarbonates that act as nausea-blockers. Lemon helps to balance body’s natural pH levels. Squeeze them in your drinking water, tea, soups etc. Sniff them or even lick them. The refreshing smell of lemon will immediate calm and bring relief from nausea. Mix 1tsp. honey and 1tsp. lemon juice and eat. This is a popular remedy for nausea.


3. Peppermint

The antispasmodic and calming effect of peppermint on the lining of the stomach brings relief from nausea. Its nice scent also aids to bring relief from queasiness. Sucking on peppermint candies, sipping peppermint tea with dried peppermint leaves can bring relief from nausea.


4. Chilled Foods

To combat nausea try eating chilled fruit, salad, sandwiches, ice chips, sorbets and popsicles. They go down easier on your stomach than hot foods. Strong aroma of hot foods can trigger nausea.

Chilled Foods

5. Chili Peppers

Chili pepper contain a compound known as capsaicin that stimulates neurotransmitters that works like ant-nausea medication and restoring proper appetite brings relief from nausea.

Chili Peppers

6. Apple

Fiber helps to clear out the chemical and toxins from your system. Apple is rich in fiber. Try snacking on apple and crunchy raw vegetables little at a time to keep your digestive system back into track. But too much can further irritate your stomach. You can try apple juice or apple sauce, if you are having problem in digesting solid food.


7. Bland Foods

If you keep your stomach empty, it will increase the nausea problem. Eating dry, toast, salty cracker, dry cereal will bring comfort and also allow your body to receive nutrients. Nibble them slowly throughout the day. They will help to absorb the stomach acids and help to settle the stomach.

Bland foods

8. Banana

When nausea is accompanied by vomiting, it can cause dehydration. Eating a banana will help to restore potassium that has been depleted due to vomiting. Banana will also bring relief from nauseous feeling by stimulating mucus production from stomach lining.


9. Nuts

Your body needs protein for getting energy. Consuming too little protein can make nausea worse. Nuts are good source of protein and easy to digest. They will help to replenish your energy and feel better.


Replace your fluid loss by drinking enough water and fluids. It is one of the best ways to keep nausea at bay.


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