9 Health Benefits Of MCT Oil

Health Benefits Of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a saturated fat also known as medium-chain triglycerides. People in the Western countries have a deficiency of this oil, as they do not take saturated fats in their diet. The main reason of this is the belief that saturated fats are unhealthy. Due to this, people avoid this fat. However, studies have shown that saturated fats can be very beneficial for our health. It helps in fighting obesity while improving the cognition power. You can get MCT naturally by consuming coconut oil. Although coconut oil has a certain percentage of MCT, concentrated MCT oils with more amounts of medium-chain triglycerides are available in the market. Non-vegetarian people can get MCT by taking grass-fed beef. People in the tropical regions of the world take a lot of MCT and this is their diet habit since the olden times. There are many benefits of the MCT oil for health. We will explain some benefits here. Following are the 10 benefits of MCT oil.

1. Reduces Weight:

The MCT oil is useful for reducing weight. It has been found that the oil increases energy expenditure by activating the nervous system. As a result, less amount of fat is deposited in our body. It shows that the oil can help in fighting the problem of obesity. [1]

Reduces Weight

2. Improves Cognition Function:

It is possible to improve the cognition power and function by taking the MCT oil in the diet. It helps in raising the levels of blood ketones in our body and this is useful for fighting brain problems like Alzheimer’s disease caused by poor cognition. [2]

 Improves Cognition Function

3. Reduces Heart Disease Risk:

The MCT oil helps in reducing the risk of heart disease in a person. A Low-fat diet in combination with the MCT has been found to be beneficial for the heart health. The oil has just two fatty acids and it has a positive effect on the lipids present in our blood. It decreases overall cardiovascular disease risk helps in improving heart health. [3]


4. Improves Aerobic Endurance:

Studies reveal that MCT oil can improve the aerobic endurance in cyclists. The main reason for this is that our body processes the oil in a similar way to carbohydrates thus helping in boosting the performance and endurance in cycling. [4]

Aerobic Endurance

5. Fights Fatigue And Weakness:

It is possible to improve the energy levels by taking the MCT oil in the diet. It has a thermogenic effect on our body and the oil can reduce the problems of fatigue and weakness by increasing the energy on our body. [5]


6. Fights Infections And Nutritional Diseases In Babies:

The MCT oil has antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties, which helps in fighting infections in the body of babies. It reduces the risk of infection in newborn infants. Another benefit of this oil is that it fights nutritional diseases in babies by helping in growth and development by the proper absorption of nutrients in the body. [6]

Fights Infections And Nutritional Diseases In Babies

7. Controls Seizures:

It has been found that a diet rich in MCT oil can help in fighting the problem of seizures. Thus, it is useful for controlling epilepsy. It is better to take MCT than a classic ketogenic diet for dealing with seizures. [7]

Controls Seizures

8. Improves Gut Health:

You can get a better gut health by taking the MCT oil. It is an easily absorbed form of fat that is absorbed by our liver directly without undergoing the process of digestion in the digestive tract like other fats we take through food. Since the MCT oil is absorbed very easily, it helps in fighting digestive problems like diarrhea and gas. It does not cause bloating. [8]

Gut Health

9. Fights Inflammation And Cancer:

The MCT oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps in fighting inflammation in the body. Besides this, the oil has anti-cancerous properties. It decreases the growth of cancer and this is beneficial for people who suffer from cancer. [9]

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