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9 Healthy Portable Snacks For Your Road Trip

Road trips are exciting and fun! One of the concerns we all face when we plan road trips is about the snacks we wish to carry. Though, you can carry plenty of junk food, healthy snacks are always a good alternative, especially on a long trip. Healthy portable snacks will keep you filled for long and offer something to munch on, without any guilt pangs. So, next time, when you are planning a road trip with your close ones, try some of these healthy snacks. You are simply going to love them.

Here Are 9 Healthy Portable Snacks For Your Road Trip:

1. Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are healthy and offer a good dose of proteins and energy. You can try a mixed variety of nuts or carry some additional dry fruit and nuts combination which are delicious too. Almonds, some pistachios and cashews are a great combination. They keep you filled for hours and rich in nutrients.

mixed nuts

2. Banana Muffins

Bananas are a rich source of proteins and fiber. Prepare your muffins with ripe mashed bananas. Your muffins will not just be soft, but they will have a rich taste and full of nutrition. You can have these delicious muffins with some fruit juice as you travel.

Banana Muffins

3. Whole Grain Tortilla With Nut Butter

This is a delicious protein rich snacks which will take you very little time to prepare. You need a whole grain tortilla and spread some soy butter or nut butter as a topping. This can be then folded or rolled up and your healthy snack is ready. These are tasty, healthy and portable.

Whole Grain Tortilla with Nut Butter

4. Carrot Chips

Raw carrots might not be interesting at all. You can prepare curried carrot chips by simply frying carrots in olive oil and then seasoning them with your favorite herbs. You can add a few sauces for additional taste. These chips are easy to carry and offer lots of vitamins.

carrot chips

5. Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are rich sources of fiber and protein. They contain less quantity of fat than nuts and will keep you filled for a longer period. You can prepare individual size packs of chickpeas. Roast them in the oven with your favorite seasonings and pack them in air-tight containers for your road trip. You will enjoy them.

roasted chickpeas

6. Cheese Platter

You can pack a mini version a large cheese platter and pack them in your special food container. You can include some whole grain crackers for some great crunchy carb action. Include some almonds in this platter for additional protein. Cheese is filling and healthy with lots of proteins. One good slice of cheese for every member will be a good option.

Cheese Platter

7. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are a healthy snack but only when you stick to the dark variety. Pack bars of dark chocolate in your boxes and carry them for your trip. However, do not consume all bars at once. Consume them in moderation.

Dark Chocolate

8. Sprouts

These are light snacks which are rich in fortified nutrients. This is a super healthy food which can be consumed any time you wish. You can include a mix of sprouts and season it with salt and pepper for added taste. Pack these healthy sprouts in containers and carry them in your trip.


9. Chicken Strips

Bake small chicken strips with butter and your favorite herbs. Baked chicken is soft, healthy and delicious with richness of proteins and minerals. Let them cool down and pack them in boxes for your road trip. Include your favorite salads if you wish.

chicken strips

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