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9 Home Remedies For Allergic Rhinitis


Inhaling of certain substances like dust, pollen, and pet dander causes a reaction in our immune system and it leads to allergy symptoms. This condition is commonly termed as allergic rhinitis. Poor immunity can also cause this problem. Inhaling second-hand smoke is the major trigger factor for allergic rhinitis. Inhaling allergens releases inflammatory substances in the body leading to symptoms of allergy and sinus problems. Due to this, there can be a sneezing, cold and runny nose. There is water discharge from the eyes and they become swollen. Besides this, there is congestion in the nose. Home remedies can give relief in this problem. We will suggest some remedies for you. Use our tips and suggestions to avoid allergies and stay safe from allergic problems.

Here Are The Top 9 Home Remedies For Allergic Rhinitis.

1. Avoid Allergens

For avoiding the problem of allergic rhinitis, you should try to avoid things that cause an allergy like dust, smoke, fumes, and powders. These things can trigger the symptoms of allergy so avoid them. Also, avoid molds, odors and pet dander of animals at the house.[1]

Avoid Allergens

2. Use A Saline Nasal Spray

Using a saline nasal spray helps in fighting allergic rhinitis by soothing the mucous membranes. For this, it is important to learn the correct way of using the spray. First, blow the nose and after that apply the spray inside the nose. Apply the spray second time after one minute.[2]

Use A Saline Nasal Spray

3. Take Steam Treatment

Steam treatment is a simple way to get relief in allergic rhinitis as it opens the blocked sinuses. For this, you should take a vessel filled with boiling water. Bend over the vessel and cover the head with a towel. Inhale the steam through the nose. Do this for at least ten minutes.[3]

 Take Steam Treatment

4. Use Black Cumin Oil

Black cumin is a useful spice for allergic rhinitis. For this, you should use the oil of this spice. Consume the black cumin oil directly. This remedy is used by Arabian people to deal with allergy. You can also mix the oil with honey and then consume it for avoiding and healing allergy symptoms.[4]

Use Black Cumin Oil

5. Use Ginger

Ginger is used for allergic rhinitis in Chinese medicine. For this, you should take ginger tea. Take water in a vessel, add ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. Heat the water and let it boil. Cook for five minutes. After that, remove the tea, strain, and drink. For an added taste, add honey to the tea before drinking.[5]


6. Take Peppermint Extract

Peppermint is another useful remedy for the problem of allergic rhinitis. For this, you should take it orally. Take peppermint extract orally. It will help in giving relief in sneezing, allergy and nasal congestion.[6]

Peppermint Leaves

7. Use Turmeric

Turmeric helps in fighting respiratory disorders like allergic rhinitis. For this, you should add the spice to warm milk. Mix well and drink it while it is still warm. Use turmeric powder in daily cooking by adding it to the foods you eat.[7]


8. Eat Garlic

Garlic is known to reduce allergies due to its anti-inflammatory effect on our body and respiratory system. For this, you should eat raw garlic daily. Use it in daily cooking by adding it to dishes you cook. Also, you can take garlic powder.[8]

Eat Garlic


9. Wash The Bedding And Use Blinds

Take some steps to avoid allergies the whole year. Use dust mite covers on bedding material. Use hardwood floor instead of covering the floor with carpets. Avoid curtains on windows of your house. In place of that, use blinds. Clean the bedding like bed sheets and pillow covers with hot water one time in seven days. Also, you should wash stuffed animals.[9]

Wash The Bedding And Use Blinds


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