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9 Home Remedies For Cold Feet And Hands


When we are affected by poor blood circulation in our body, there is an insufficient oxygen supply to our limbs and due to this, they become cold. The hands and feet can also become cold due to anemia, nerve damage, fatigue, diabetes, hypothermia, and hypothyroidism. Poor diet and the resulting deficiency of nutrients can also cause this problem. People who smoke cigarettes and take alcohol have cold feet and hands. There is a feeling of numbness and tingling. The skin can become hard with the formation of blisters on it. Using home remedies gives relief in this problem. We will suggest some easy remedies. Use our tips and remedies to protect the limbs from cold and damage due to weather and circulation problems.

Following Are The 9 Home Remedies For Cold Feet And Hands

1. Eat Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

Changing the diet helps in fighting cold feet and hands. Eat foods that improve the blood circulation. For this, you can take foods like green onion, ginger pumpkin soup, peppercorn, cinnamon tea, star anise, Korean kimchi, wasabi fish and other foods.[1]


2. Apply Cinnamon And Cayenne Pepper Inside The Socks

Spices like cinnamon and cayenne pepper help in improving the blood circulation. Use them externally on the skin. For this, apply these spices inside the socks for warming the feet. Also, sprinkle these two spices inside the gloves to keep the hands warm.[2]


3. Use Foot Powder

Do not let the feet become wet and damp with moisture as it increases the chill and cold in the lower limbs. For this, you should apply foot powder on both feet. It will help in getting rid of extra moisture and keeping the feet dry.[3]


4. Do Swedish Massage

It is possible to improve the blood circulation by doing Swedish massage. For this, stones are heated to make them warm in temperature. They are applied on affected body parts on the limbs with Swedish strokes of massage. It makes the tight muscles loose and relaxed. This helps in healing cold feet and hands.[4]


5. Take A Foot Bath

Hydrotherapy treatment with a foot bath and dipping the feet in hot and cold water helps in solving the problem of cold feet. Fill one tub with cold water and another tub with warm water. First, dip the feet in a tub that has cold water. After two minutes, dip the feet in a tub that has warm water. Remove the feet after one minute. Repeat this for fifteen minutes. Dry the feet and wear socks.[5]



6. Do Massage With Olive Oil

Olive oil helps in providing relief in cold feet. For this, you should apply the oil on feet and do a gentle massage. It will give you a lot of relief.[6]


7. Use Epsom Salt

You can use Epsom salt for the problem of cold feet. Mix the salt with warm water and pour the solution in a tub. After that, dip the feet in this tub for fifteen minutes. Do this two times in a week. It will soothe the feet.[7] 


8. Use Ginger

To improve the blood circulation, eat ginger by adding to the foods you eat. Drink ginger tea. Make the tea by steeping ginger in boiling water. Strain and drink the tea. Use essential oils like ginger oil for fighting the problem of cold feet and hands. For this, take a little amount of ginger oil, apply on your hands and feet and do a gentle massage with the oil on your limbs.[8]


9. Keep The Body Warm

People who have cold feet and hands due to Raynaud’s phenomena should keep the body warm by wearing mittens on hands to protect the fingers from cold weather. Use woolen socks on the feet. You can wear gloves also. Use insulated cover while drinking soft drinks from cold cans.[9]



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