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9 Home Remedies For Dry Black Lips

The lips are an important part of our mouth and face that puts a good impact on our looks and personality. Soft and pink lips are considered a sign of beauty. Sometimes, the lips become very dry and black in color. This can be due to allergy, sun exposure, cheap beauty products, hormone problems, and smoking. People who smoke can also have this problem. Pollution, cold and bad weather makes the lips dry and chapped. If you have dry and black lips, take help of home remedies to heal the lips. We will suggest some easy remedies here.

Following Are The 9 Home Remedies For Dry Black Lips.

1. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon helps in lightening the color of the lips that have become dark. For this, you should use it along with glycerin. Add glycerin to lemon juice. Mix well both the things. Apply the mixture on the lips before sleeping at night. The lips will become light and soft.[1]

Lemon Juice

2. Use Lip Balm Made With Rose Petals

Make a homemade lip balm with rose petals to heal the dry and black lips. For this, cook rose petals, almond oil, and coconut oil with some other ingredients like Shea butter, grated beeswax, and vanilla extract. Cook till the ingredients melt. Strain the mixture to remove the rose petals. Cool and fill in container or jar. Keep in refrigerator to make it solid. Apply this balm on the lips.[2]

Use Lip Balm Made With Rose Petals

3. Use Lip Balm Made With Olive Oil

Use olive oil to soften the lips and heal dryness and blackness in it. Make a lip balm by mixing olive oil and honey to melted and cooled beeswax. Mix well. To this, add few drops of lavender or any other essential oil. Mix well. Store the mixture in a jar. Apply the lip balm on the lips.[3]

Use Lip Balm Made With Olive Oil

4. Use Vitamin E With Glycerin

Make the dry lips soft and moisturized by using Vitamin E oil. For this, break capsules of Vitamin E and take out its liquid. Add glycerin and honey to this and mix well. Apply the mixture on the lips. Fill in a jar and use it like a lip balm.[4]

5. Use Vitamin E With Milk

Use Vitamin E along with milk to heal chapped, dry and cracked lips. For this, you should mix the liquid of Vitamin e capsules with milk. Mix well. To this, add a little amount of honey. Apply on the lip. Alternatively, use the ingredients separately. First, apply warm milk on the lips. After that, apply honey. In the end, apply Vitamin E liquid.[5]

 Use Vitamin E With Milk

6. Use Sugar With Mint

Exfoliate the dry and flaky lips by using sugar. For this, mix sugar with mint leaves. Grind both the things in a food processor to blend the mixture. Dry the mixture for two days. Add a little amount of almond oil. Apply the mixture on the lips with a rubbing movement. Do a gentle scrubbing with it. Wash the lips after that.[6]

Use Sugar With Mint

7. Use Black Tea Bags

Use black tea for making the lips soft and moisturized. Take used warm tea bag of black tea. Apply on the lips like a compress for five to ten minutes. After that, rub Vitamin E oil on the lips. This remedy will help in reducing the dryness and cracking in the lips.[7]

 Use Black Tea Bags

8. Use Cucumber

Use cucumber to heal the dry lips naturally. For this, take a raw cucumber and use it without peeling it. Rub the cucumber on the lips in forward and backward directions. It functions like a Chapstick. Cucumber has the property to lubricate the skin of the lips.[8]


9. Use Milk Cream

Milk cream is an easily available ingredient that helps in healing dry and cracked lips. For this, you should mix the milk cream with glycerin. Mix both the things well. Apply on the lips to heal the skin and make it soft and moisturized.[9]

Milk Cream

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