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9 Home Remedies For Melasma


9 Home Remedies For Melasma

Melasma is a kind of skin condition that leads to skin hyper pigmentation. It mainly hampers the original color of the skin, leading to the formation of patches which are brown in color. They are mainly found on the face area and need to be cured in order to maintain beauty. Melasma is caused due to over production of melanin in the skin. It can be due to sun exposure and various other reasons. Hormonal changes can also lead to increase in the amount of melanin in the skin. Melasma are irregular shapes dark brown patches on the face. Make use of some best home remedies to cure Melasma.

Some Of The Best Home Remedies For Melasma Are:

1. Turmeric


Turmeric is a common type of ingredient that is used in kitchen for various purposes. It is very effective in reducing melanin in skin and thus cures Melasma. It contains curcumin, which is mainly responsible to cure the problem. Take some turmeric powder and mix some milk in order to prepare a paste. Apply the paste on the face and wait for 20minutes. Wash the face with lukewarm water.

2. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very perfect to cure the issue of Melasma. It can provide skin lightening effect and bring back the original color. It contains mucilaginous materials in the gel to restore original skin. Take some fresh aloe Vera and extract the gel from it. Now apply the gel on the affected area and wait for 15 minutes. Wash the face with water and see the results within few days.

3. Oatmeal


Oatmeal works as best exfoliating agent that is very effective in curing the problem of Melasma. It will help to remove the dead skin cells and promote new growth of cells. Take some oatmeal powder and add honey and milk to it. Mix it well and apply directly on the brown spots. Wait for around 30 minutes and then wash it with water. Repeat this process for around thrice a week.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar used in kitchen can be used for Melasma. It contains bleaching agent that will remove all spots from the skin and make it look fairer. Take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with water. Apply this particular solution on the affected area and allow it to dry. Keep it for some time and then wash it with water. Repeat this process daily to get effective results.

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5. Onion Juice

Onion Juice

Onion juice has components that can help to maintain skin tone in a very perfect manner. It mainly contains sulfur that can be used to clear off all patches from the skin. Take some onion and extract the fresh juice from it. Add little amount of apple cider vinegar and apply it on the brown patches. Wait for some time and then wash it off with water. Repeat this process daily for effective results.

6. Lemon Juice

lemon Juice 2

Lemon juice contains high range of astringent properties that will help to lighten the skin. It contains citric acid which will act as bleaching agent. Take some fresh lemon juice and apply it on the brown spots with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for around 30 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat this process twice daily for few days in order to get the desired results.

7. Horseradish


Horseradish is used in diet and can be used for treating the problem of Melasma. It has strong bleaching properties, which is beneficial to cure the issue of Melasma. Take some horseradish and cut it into thin slices. Now apply the slices directly on the brown spots on skin. Make sure the juice from the slices is applied on the spots. Wait for some time and then wash it properly.

8. Almonds


Almonds are rich in protein and can help in eliminating the effect of Melasma. It will treat skin discoloration and remove all brown spots from it. Take some powdered form of almonds and add honey to make of it. Now use this paste to rub on the affected area. Leave the paste on the skin for 30 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat the process for guaranteed results.

9. Sandalwood

Sandalwood powder is of great use and can help to get rid of skin problems. It is helpful in skin lightening property and can thus reduce Melasma. Take some sandalwood powder along with lemon juice, milk and turmeric powder. Mix it well to make a good paste. Now use this paste on the entire face to lighten the skin. Wash the face after few minutes.


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