9 Must Reasons For Drinking Oolong Tea


Tea is second most popular drink after coffee. There are variants like white, green, herbal and oolong tea. All tea types are consumed, liked and equally beneficial for health. Its widely known green tea has hightest Antioxidants therefore healthy. Oolong tea is slowly gaining popularity having combined benefit of Green tea. New Research shows oolong tea is very beneficial with green tea’s positive effects. This tea contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, K alongwith Folic Acid, Alkaloids making it healthy choice. Lets know few more Advantages about oolong.

Here Are 9 Valuable Benefits Of Oolong Tea

1. Good Metabolism Booster

Oolong tea can control or manage weight efficiently. The polyphenols in tea controls Fat Metabolism hence reduces obesity, activates enzymes  for weight loss. It should be ideal for dieters as Effective metabolism booster is active life’s necessity [1].


2. Excellent Energy Enhancer

Any efficient work needs energy. Coffee is known as instant energy booster. Recent study suggests Oolong tea is more efficient Instant energy booster than coffee. A small caffeine’s dose in Oolong tea gives instant energy without caffeine’s overdose. This can be Healthier Option than coffee hence new energy drink [2].


3. New Age Cancer Preventer

Oolong tea is loaded with healthy vitamins and Antioxidants. Cancer can be prevented till certain extent by High Antioxidants in body. The tea’s Antioxidants give effective prevention against cancer. Tea’s Antioxidants have other advantages like decreasing Cells and DNA’S exposure to free radical damages. A study suggests regularly drinking Oolong tea gives high Antioxidants. It can be good for maintaining healthy and active life.


4. Effective Skin Carer

Everyone wants healthy and problem free skin. Oolong tea containing high amount of Antioxidants are effective in Skin care. Its acknowledged Antioxidants aide in skin’s toxins removal hence Preventing against Blemishes, Skin’s discolouration. Recent study also suggests it protects effectively against UV Rays. These make Oolong a boon for skin.

Effective Skin Carer

5. Strengthens Bone Health

Good and strong bones are important for maintaining strength. New research shows Bone’s mineral density can be enhanced by drinking Oolong tea. This makes tea efficient for overcoming Osteoporosis and Must for Bones.

Strengthens Bone Health

6. Good Heart Health

Today Heart disease has become common and affecting from Younger age. A pathbreaking Japnese study reveals regular Tea’s consumption decreases cadioviscular diseases’s  risk, lowers blood pressure and cholestrol. Oolong tea can prove to be safer bet if one wants Healthy Heart.

Good Heart Health

7. Keeps Mentally Alert

Mental health is equally important like Heart health. A sound and alert Mind is todays most important need. Caffeine in Oolong tea has potential to give alert and active mind.

Keeps Mentally Alert

8. Healer In Digestion Problems

Doctors say Good digestion is vital for Health. All diets advice Alkaline food for soothing Digestive System. Oolong tea along with Alkaline line food aides in Alkalizing Digestion, Clearing bad bacteria. This is another reason to make Oolong tea part of diet.

Aids In Digestion

9. Strong Immunity Provider

Being healthy, active wants Stronger immunity from disease. Many food are good for Immune system and Oolong tea is one of them. Oolong tea is beneficial in preventing cellular damages and having Higher Anti bacterial Proteins. Its good if Oolong tea is made preferred Tea choice for once a day. The new facts on Oolong tea has made it quintessential for healthy Health. A tea with such medicinal benefits impacting positively is good choice. Lets make this part of Daily lifestyle Drinks.




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