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9 Natural Home Remedies For Hangover

Natural Home Remedies For Hangover

A hangover is not a pleasant thing. No matter how high or great you were feeling the previous night, there is no denying that the next morning all that alcohol is making you throw up all over the place and also gets you so giddy. But you have to get to work and there is no way that you can swallow any more aspirin.

So Here Are Some Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Your Hangover Without Trying Too Hard:

1. Spiced Tea

One of the best cures for a hangover would be to have a spicy ginger and basil tea in the morning with lots of cinnamon. What the combination does for you is that tea helps you get a caffeine boost. Along with this, the ginger helps in cleansing the system and getting rid of impurities. Cinnamon helps in awakening your senses and gets you going. To make this tea boil one cup of hot water and then add ginger, cinnamon, basil and tea leaves. You can add honey or sugar too. Boil and then strain. Drink warm to get rid of headache and feel better.

Spiced Tea

2. Water And More Water

Get up in the morning and drink up at least 2-3 glasses of water. This flushes out all the traces of alcohol from within the system including anything that could be going right to the head. If you can drink 4 glasses, then you will recover faster.

Water (2)

3. Bananas

The natural glucose and minerals in the bananas help you in replenishing the lost fluids from the system. They also provide you with a metabolic boost. This helps you in getting rid of the hangover and also getting some food in your tummy, without throwing up.


4. Exercise

Sure it sounds crazy that how on earth will you exercise when you cannot stand up. But some quick yoga poses and stretches like cobra poses, inverted standing, camel pose, etc. help to improve blood flow and thus get rid of the hangover. Try to do some light walking or just do some light cardio at home to kick that hangover.


5. Asparagus

Cook up some eggs and add some asparagus on the side. This green vegetable contains healthy nutrients that helps in getting rid of the hangover faster. It also helps you stay energized, without being too wobbly or tired. You can just grill and have the same.


6. Raw Honey

The energizing properties of raw honey helps you in getting an instant sugar kick. The natural honey helps to fight off signs of laziness and gets you grooving. It contains side effects of hangovers like headaches and throwing up too. Have 2 spoons on empty stomach.

Honey (3)

7. Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is basically using all kinds of green vegetables along with some lime juice to get you an instant shot of energy. Mix together, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, cucumber and other green vegetables. Add a dash of lime to it and have it chilled.

Green Smoothies

8. Cold Shower

A cold shower that is moderately cooler than what you are used to helps awaken your senses. Since the body is used to warm or room temperature water, this cold water gives you an instant kick and gets rid of the hangover fast, the natural way.

Cold Compress or Shower

9. Mustard Bath

Put 2-3 spoons of mustard powder into your bath and soak in it. Mustard has detoxifying properties along with absorbing negative energy from the body. It thus helps in getting rid of the hangover much faster and keeps you more aware too.


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