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9 Easy And Natural Remedies That Improve Blood Circulation

 blood circulation

The blood flows in our body constantly and it helps in maintaining good health and body movements. Slow or poor blood circulation causes many types of health problems like the coldness of the limbs and irregular heartbeat. The legs become cold, swollen and painful. There is a feeling of pricking of pins in the limbs including legs and hands. Besides this, there is dizziness, fatigue, and headache. The proper flow of blood makes the vital organs healthy with ample oxygen and nutrient supply. Thus, we should take steps to improve the blood circulation. We will suggest some natural remedies for this. Use our suggestions and tips to solve the problem of poor circulation naturally without any side effects of medicines.

Following Are 9 Easy Natural Remedies To Improve Blood Circulation:

1. Use Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary oil helps in increasing the blood circulation. It is useful for healing of wounds and reducing muscular pain in the body. The oil is useful for poor circulation caused by low blood pressure. Avoid using the oil directly on the skin. Mix the oil with cold water and apply on the skin or take a sponge bath with the solution. [1]

Rosemary Oil


2. Drink Hawthorn Tea:

The herb hawthorn tea is good for improving blood circulation. Make hawthorn tea and drink it. it will fight poor circulation in the legs caused by sitting continuously and a sedentary lifestyle. The tea is beneficial for elderly people with a poor circulation problem. Hawthorn berries are used for improving blood circulation in Chinese medicine. [2]

Hawthorn Tea

3. Use Cayenne Pepper:

It is beneficial to use cayenne pepper if you have a problem with poor blood circulation. The pepper contains an ingredient called capsaicin that helps in improving the blood circulation. For this, you can take the pepper and hawthorn berries in combination. Take it along with the meals in between when you eat food. [3]

Cayenne Pepper

4. Use Ginger:

Ginger helps in increasing blood circulation in the body. It has a high content of an ingredient called gingerol that helps in dilating blood vessels. It also helps in stimulating the nerves, thereby boosting the circulation. Thus, use fresh ginger in your diet. [4]


5. Use Garlic Essential Oil:

Garlic can improve your blood circulation. The essential oil of garlic has high amounts of sulfur, an ingredient that can boost the circulation in the body by stimulating the nerves. Thus, use garlic essential oil if you have poor circulation. Apply the oil on the body. [5]

 Garlic Essential Oil:

6. Use Onions:

Onion is useful for making the blood circulation in the body better due to its pungency properties. It contains an important ingredient called allicin that has medicinal properties. Besides boosting the circulation, onions also help in controlling blood pressure. Thus, include onions in your diet for solving circulation problems. Eat raw onions. [6]


7. Take Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetable aids in the blood flow thus improving the circulation in the body. Thus, you should eat leafy greens such as spinach. Also, you can take chard. These veggies boost the circulation and improve the heart health. This is mainly due to an ingredient in leafy greens called Nitrite. [7]

Green Leafy Vegetables

8. Eat Oily Fish:

Non-vegetarian people can improve their blood circulation by eating oily fish like salmon and tuna. The fish contains a high content of omega 3 fats, which makes the blood vessel elasticity better. It also helps in thinning the blood. These factors help in improving the blood circulation. Include cold-water fishes and mackerel in your diet. [8]

Eat Oily Fish

9. Use Flaxseed Oil:

People who suffer from diabetes often feel dull and sluggish due to poor blood circulation in the body caused by high sugar levels. Flaxseed oil helps in fighting this problem. It improves the blood circulation in diabetics with poor circulation. Thus, take flaxseed oil for a better circulation. [9]

 Flaxseed Oil:

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