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9 Selenium Enriched Superfood Boosting Antioxidant In Diet


Boosting Antioxidant In Diet

Vitamins give Optimum Health management making it Essential for everyone . Selenium is one such Vitamin which gives Healthy Antioxidants, Sustains Normal Cellular Health and Growth. Best sources of Selenium are Usually Present in Certain Plant and Food Items. Its important to sustain Selenium Balance for Boosting Metabolism, Providing Antioxidant, Increasing Immunity, Overcoming Free Radical related Cellular Damages, Managing Heart and Liver.  Lets eat Selenium rich Food for gaining Active life Sans Disease.

Common Food Good In Selenium.

1. Brazil Nut

Nuts are Potent Source of Protein, Unsaturated Fat and Selenium. Selenium has properties of Antioxidants making it Essentially Healthy for Overall Growth. Being Antioxidant, Its effective in Curbing Inflammation in Heart, Decreasing Heart Attack and Stroke’s Chances. Brazil Nut is Healthiest Variant amongst Nuts for getting Antioxidants in Body.

Brazil Nut

2. Corn

Corn is Rich in Phytonutrients and Selenium. Corn can Aide in Reducing Free Radical’s ill affects, curb Cancer Growth, Boost Healthy Cell Development and Management. Corn being Staple food can be taken in any form.


3. Egg

This is Most liked and Preferred Food rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Selenium gives Egg its Antioxidant Qualities. Antioxidants are Vital in Free Radical Elimination, Healthy Cell Development, Boosting Thyroid Hormone Production, Keeping check on Inflammation fostering Bacteria free body. Egg Should be taken once a day.


4. Lean Meat

Meat can Be loaded in Fat or be in Lean Form. Lean Meat are Abundant in Protein, Amino Acids, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin B12 making it Healthy substitute for Fat Rich Meat. Its Essential in Boosting Antioxidant and Giving Energy. Meat is Good but Lean Meat should be taken in Limit for best Benefits.

Lean Meat

5. Seed

Seeds are Commonly used to Make Oil. All Seeds have Protein, Fiber and are Natural source of Selenium, Magnesium and Copper. Heart Disease affects Heart and Promotes  Inflammation  making it Stroke and Disease prone. When Seeds are used in Making Sunflower or other Oil it Effectively lowers Inflammation, Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack. Some oil are also rich in Antioxidants making it Heart Healthy Food.


6. Seafood

Omega 3 is Known good Health giver. Seafood usually has best Selenium, Omega 3 and Other Nutrients. Selenium gives Optimum Brain Health and aides in its Development. Seafood also Reduces Brain related Inflammation by Curbing Free Radicals. This is also Beneficial in Optimising Body Function, Curbing Radiation related DNA Damages and Protecting walls of Cells from Free Radical associated damages.


7. Mushroom

Mushroom has Many variants like White Button and Shiitake. All its Variants are Rich in Selenium, Folate, Vitamin C and D. Selenium acts like Antioxidant and Aides in Detoxifying Cancer causing Compounds, Lowering Tumor Growth, Boosting Immunity, Producing T Cells enhancing Immune System Response and Curbing Tumor Formation.


8. Onion

Onion is Essentially rich in Selenium and other Nutrients. Selenium holds both Antioxidant and Anti inflammatory benefits for Body. Quercetin is Beneficial in Oxidation, Reducing Inflammation Lowering Risk of Cancers like Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer.


9. Whole Grain

Whole Grain is used in Making Bread, Flour, Rice and more. Amongst all Whole Grain Bread is the Healthiest. Whole Grain Bread has Selenium, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and is low in Calorie. These Make this Bread highly Beneficial and Vital in Promoting Good Health, Healthy Immunity and Boosting Cell Function.

Whole Grain

Its Important to Sustain balanced Selenium as Excess can Harm. A Healthy Selenium level along with Vitamins, Fibers and Proteins hold key in Living Healthy life and  enjoying External and Internal Health. When one is Healthy from Inside it Reflects and Boosts Overall Health and Mood.


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