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9 Serious Side Effects Of Using Smartphones


The world has seen big technological advancements with the modern age of electronics. People are using latest gadgets for doing the work of daily life. The telecommunication sector has witnessed some new advancements that is now within the reach of common person.

While landline phones were used in the earlier times, it is the age of smart phones today. People have ditched their fixed line phones and adopted the mobile phones. These phones are easy to carry and use. We have become so addicted to smartphones that it is difficult to live without it. Smartphones cause some serious harm to our health. We will discuss this here. Following are the 9 serious side effects of using smartphones you should know.

9 Serious Side Effects Of Using Smartphones You Should Know:

Finger Pain

Pain and cramps are common problems caused by using the smartphone. Excessive use of fingers in writing messages and playing games puts train on finger muscles. It leads to pain, inflammation and muscle soreness in fingers and hands. It can cause tingling in hands. The fingers can become numb.

Finger Pain

Neck Problems

When you use the smartphone, you have to bend the neck and remain in a slouched position. It causes posture problems and strains the neck muscles. Too much pressure on neck area of your body leads to pain and other problems in the neck.

neck heating

Back Problems

Apart from neck problems, the use of smartphones causes back problems also. Bending the back puts strain on muscles of this area leading to pain and other problems. People usually talk on the smartphone by holding it near the shoulders. Bad posture worsens the back pain.

Lower Back Pain

Sleep Problems

Smartphone use can cause sleep problems. The light emitted from the screen of the phone causes disturbance in our sleep. The light reduces production of a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for inducing sleep. Less amounts of melatonin doesn’t let you sleep well.

Taking Improper Sleep

Irritation And Stress

Constant use of smartphone and being connected to it at all times makes you feel irritated and stressed. Children and teenagers spend more time with the phone rather than paying attention to other aspects of their life. It can cause depression, hyperactivity and mood problems.

Reduce Stress Levels

Poor Eyesight

Excesive use of smartphone causes poor eyesight. Staring and looking at the screen for a long time puts strain on the eyes. The dryness of eyes increases and it can lead to blurred vision. There can be headache and dizziness to pressure on eyes. Smartphone is the major cause of vision problems that affect a large number of people today.

Improves Eyesight

Psychological Problems

Many types of psychological problems are caused by using the smartphone. People have begun to use the phone so much that they can’t live without it. It has caused a type of addiction that causes anxiety. Use of smartphone while doing other works causes psychological problems due to multitasking. It affects brain and emotional health in a bad way.

Psychological Problems

Weak Immunity

Smartphone is a device where many types of germs and microorganisms grow and develop. Touching the phone repeatedly increases the risk of bacterial infection. Dust and dirt is also deposited in the phone and it can weaken your immunity leading to health problems.

Improves Immunity

Road Accidents

The risk of accident increases if you have a habit of taking your smartphone with you always. Some people just can’t leave the phone behind while driving. They carry and use the phone even when they are riding a car or bike. It diverts the attention and you fail to notice the vehicle coming in front of you. It leads to road accidents and even death.

Road Accidents

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