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9 Tips For Foot Blisters

A blister is a bump on the skin usually filled with pus or fluid. The main cause of this problem is friction or rubbing of the skin. Blisters formed in the feet are very painful and uncomfortable. It is caused due to overuse of the feet while walking, running and doing exercises. Crushing and pinching of skin on the feet and wearing ill-fitting shoes are other causes of foot blisters. The blister can be small or big in size. Due to this, there is pain and redness in the affected area. The feet can become swollen and inflamed. Some remedies help in healing the foot blisters and give relief in pain and other problems. We will suggest some easy remedies here.

Following Are The 9 Tips For Foot Blisters.

1. Use A Rolling Deodorant

If the feet are moist and subjected to friction, it causes blisters. Keep the feet dry and lubricated by using a deodorant. For this, apply a rolling type of deodorant on your soles. It will stop sweat from forming on the feet and protect it from friction. Use the deodorant on feet before wearing shoes.[1]

Use A Rolling Deodorant

2. Apply Wet Compress

If there are blisters on soles of feet caused by the problem of dyshidrosis, you can do self-management of the blister by using wet compress. Dip a cloth in cold water. Squeeze to remove extra water and apply the compress over the affected area on the blister. It will help in fighting itching caused by the blister.[2]


3. Use Green Tea

Green tea heals inflammation due to the presence of anti-inflammatory ingredients in it. Thus, you can use it to heal blisters. Prepare the tea by steeping loose green tea or tea bags in boiling water. Add baking soda and cook the tea. Soak the affected feet in this solution.[3]

Green Tea

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in healing infection caused by foot blisters. Apply the vinegar on the affected area over the blister with the help of cotton. Swab the cotton on the blister. The anti-bacterial properties of the vinegar help in healing the blister.[4]

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Use Witch Hazel

Another way to heal the above type of blister caused by dyshidrosis is using witch hazel. Dip cotton in witch hazel liquid and apply on the affected area of the feet over the blister. Let the feet soak in witch hazel. It will help in a faster healing of the foot blister.[5]

 Use Witch Hazel

6. Use Tea Tree Oil

Use tea tree oil for healing foot blisters. Apply the oil on the feet over the blisters. You can also apply an ointment that contains tea tree oil. The anti-bacterial properties of this oil help in healing foot blisters.[6]

Use Tea Tree Oil

7. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps in healing redness and inflammation on the feet caused by a blister. Break and aloe leaf and take out its gel or pulp. Apply the gel on the affected parts over the blister. With this, the blister will break naturally helping in drying out the area. The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe helps in fighting foot blisters.[7]

Aloe Vera

8. Soak The Feet In Salty Water

It is possible to avoid foot blisters by using salt on the feet. For this, add salt with water. Dip the feet in this water to soak it well. It will help in removing sweat and dirt. Using salt water as a soak for the feet helps in fighting pain and infection caused by foot blisters.[8]

Soak The Feet In Salty Water

9. Use Toothpaste

Using a toothpaste helps in drying and healing the blister faster. For this, apply toothpaste on the affected area over the blister and around it. It will heal blister and skin infections around the area.[9]

Use Toothpaste

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