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9 Ways To Banish Muscle Tension


Banish Muscle Tension

Muscle tension causes a lot of pain, discomfort, and frustration in a person. There are many causes for this problem. Doing too much exercise, overexertion in the gym, stress, anxiety and a sedentary life with working continuously at a desk are some common causes. Due to this, there is a feeling of tightness, twitching, cramping, pulling and spasms in the muscles. The body loses its flexibility. Stress causes a problem in sleeping well. There is tension in the muscles of arms, legs, face, neck, stomach, shoulders, chest, head, groin and other body parts. Lack of stretching makes the muscles tight and injured. Poor posture, typing, and repetitive strain worsen the problem. There are many ways to fight muscle tension. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 9 Ways To Banish Muscle Tension:

1. Relax The Muscles:

Relaxing the muscles helps in reducing the tension in it. Release the tension by tensing and holding the muscles for five to ten seconds. Feel the tension, release it and feel the relaxation. It will help in calming the tensed muscles.

Relax The Muscles

2. Do Stretching:

Stretching helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing tension in it. For this, you can do static stretching. Stretch the muscles to the maximum so that no further stretching is possible. Hold and maintain the stretch for some time.


3. Do Deep Breathing:

Do deep breathing to dissolve the tension in the muscles, a common problem caused by doing too much exercise. Take in slow and deep breaths. It increases the oxygen supply in the body and muscles, which reduces muscle fatigue and tension.


4. Use Mint Oil, Tea And Capsules:

Mint oil helps in fighting muscle tension, tightness, and pain in the back. Use the oil of peppermint, spearmint or Chinese mint. Apply the oil externally on the skin on the back topically. The Mint oil has a high content of menthol, which reduces tension in the back muscles. You can also drink peppermint tea. Make the tea by steeping dry peppermint in boiling water for five to ten minutes. Strain and drink the tea. You can also take three grams peppermint tablet or capsule.

Banish Muscle Tension


5. Eat Cherries And Drink Tart Cherry Juice:

Muscle tension, pain and damage in the back can be healed by eating cherries. It is beneficial to drink tart cherry juice. One bottle juice is extracted from fifty to sixty tart cherries. It will reduce the muscle soreness and tension.

Cherry Juice

6. Do Massage:

It is possible to relax the tension in the muscles by doing massage. It helps in recovery of the muscles after hard exercise and exertion. Take massage therapy from a professional or ask someone to give you a massage. It will improve the blood circulation and release the muscle tension.


7. Take A Hot Bath Or Shower:

A hot bath helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing tension in it when done before a massage treatment. You can also take a hot shower for muscle tension. A brisk shower helps in increasing the energy levels.

Hot Bath

8. Take Epsom Salt Bath:

An Epsom salt bath is very useful for decreasing tension and sorness in the body muscles. The salt contains magnesium sulfate, which reduces muscle tension and it heals the joints. Mix two pounds Epsom salt in warm bathwater and take bath with it. Soak the body in the bathwater in a tub for half an hour. Do this before or after doing a workout. It relaxes the muscles and fights physical stress. Take the Epsom salt bath thrice in a week.

Epsom Salt Bath

9. Drink Chamomile, Thyme Or Lemon Balm Tea:

Muscle tension leading to headaches can be reduced by drinking herbal tea made with herbs like chamomile, thyme, lemon balm and valerian. All these are antispasmodic herbs that reduce muscle tension and heal headaches.



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