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9 Ways To Increase Endorphins In The Body

Endorphins are brain chemicals that determine our mood and levels of happiness. They are feel good hormones that create a feeling of well-being making you feel good about yourself. These chemicals are required by human beings to fight feelings of anxiety and depression. It is important for people who are undergoing stress in their life due to an illness, anxiety or problems in family and relationship. There are many ways to increase the endorphins including food and exercise. We will suggest several ways to get endorphins so that you feel happy. Following are the 9 best ways to increase endorphins in the body.

Here Are 9 Ways To Increase Endorphins In The Body:

1. Eat Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are loved by children and elders both. It contains many compounds like pheny ethylamine that improve brain function by stimulating neurotransmitters. [1]It makes you feel blissful. So eat chocolate when you feel sad and depressed. It is a very good comfort food that improves the mood.

 Eat Dark Chocolate

2. Eat Brazil Nuts

Nuts are the other healthy foods for getting endorphins in a natural way. For this, you should eat Brazil nuts. The nut contains high amounts of nutrients like selenium.[2] It is a rich source of amino acids. These nutrients raise endorphins by increasing dopamine and serotonin. The daily intake of these nuts should be three nuts.

eat brazil nuts

3. Eat Peppers

Include peppers in your diet to boost the endorphin levels. All types of peppers including cayenne pepper are rich sources of capsaicin, a compound that improves the endorphins in our body.[3] Add the pepper to foods you eat. You can also eat jalapeno peppers.

Eat Peppers

4. Eat Foods With Omega 3 Fats

Non-vegetarian people can raise endorphin levels by eating fatty fishes. The fish is rich in omega 3 fats, which help in boosting the mood. Eat salmon, herring, tuna and other fatty fishes.[4] On the other hand, vegetarian people can get the fatty acids by eating walnuts and flaxseed.

Eat Foods With Omega 3 Fats

5. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps in increasing endorphins. Take body and scalp massage. Get the massage done by a family member or friend. [5]Taking a professional massage treatment also helps a lot. Use a shower massager. Do this daily. It will make you feel happy and positive while reducing feelings of sadness and depression.

massage therapy

6. Listen To Music

Music therapy is a good way to increase endorphins and feel good about yourself. Play some music that you love. Do dancing along with the music. [6]Choose music with soothing and positive notes. Play music in the background while doing daily chores in the house or while working at a desk.

Listen To Music

7. Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is also good for raising the endorphin levels in the body. Even an artificial laughter that is forced helps a lot in feeling happy and improving the mood. [7]Watch comedy and television shows that make you smile and laugh. Try to smile more.

laughter therapy

8. Sit In The Sunlight

Sunlight is good for getting Vitamin D is a natural way. It also improves the mood by increasing the endorphin levels. Sit in the sunlight in an outdoor area for some time daily. [8]Sunbathing makes a person feel very happy. This is the reason why people love to enjoy time in the sunlight in beaches when the weather is hot.

Sit In The Sunlight

9. Do Exercise In A Group

Exercise helps in boosting endorphins in our body. Instead of doing exercise alone, you should do the workouts in a group. When people do exercises with friends in a group, it gives better results by increasing endorphins. Do walking with friends or family members. [9]Joining a group for doing aerobics in a class is also a good idea.

Do Exercise In A Group

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