9 Yoga Poses For Beginners And Their Benefits


To reach the last step, you must always start with first. The same goes for yoga also. It is not some exercise that you can start from any step. It is a type of exercise in a peaceful manner that you have to begin from the start to develop your body so as to match with the rhythm of its every pose. Although there are few poses of yoga that look easy to perform but are not meant for beginners. Therefore, if you are thinking of practicing yoga for your health then you must have the knowledge of the poses you should start from. These introducing poses might or might not be so vigorous but will definitely give you a head start in advancing. Only when you will be able to do them correctly, you will head towards the difficult steps. Therefore, down here are given 9 yoga poses along with benefits for beginners.

9 Yoga Poses For Beginners

1. Mountain Pose

To begin with yoga, you must start with tadasana. Only when your mind is clear of thoughts and your body posture allows you to head ahead, you can perform yoga. This pose is also a solid breathing exercise. In this pose, simply stand up straight and keep your hands erect at the shoulder distance in the air. You can also join hands in the air. Bring your neck in alignment with your spine.

Mountain Pose

2. Downward Facing Pose

Also known as adho mukha svanasana, this yoga pose encourages blood circulation in full body and also stretches your calves and heels. In this pose, you have to be like a mountain with the support of your feet and hands. Try to set your heels on the flour for stronger stretch.

Downward Facing Pose

3. Warrior Pose

This pose has another name as virbhadrasana. The warrior pose develops an amazing symphony by strengthening and stretching your ankles and legs. Stand up and separate your legs 3-4 feet away in the same line. Keeping your backward foot straight, bend your forward foot at 90 degree from the knee. Now open your hands straight at your shoulder distance. Keep one hand straight ahead and the other straight behind. Aim your focus on your fingers for as long as you can.

Warrior Pose

4. Tree Pose

This pose is also known as vriksasana. This pose not just gives numerous benefits like improving balance, strengthening your thighs, calves, ankles and spine, but is also very simple to perform. The key step of this pose is shifting your balance on one feet. Stand straight and take the feet on one leg from other leg’s ankle to shin and finally thighs. As you are a beginner in this pose, therefore you can start from ankle or shin also. Keep your body posture straight and finally join the hands like you are praying on one leg.

Tree Pose

5. Bridge Pose

In Sanskrit, this pose is also called as setu bhanda asana. By giving strength to your chest, neck and spine, this pose is a warm up for further extreme backbends. Keeping your arms at your sides, lie straight on the floor. Now bend your knees facing them upwards. Make a fist and keep under your lower back. In the final step, lift your body from neck till knees up in the air so that your chin touches your chest. Try to raise the body parallel to the floor.

Bridge Pose

6. Triangle Pose

This pose has other name as trikonasana. From thighs, till knees, and ankles, this pose allows full body stretch. It also relieves your backache. Not just for the beginners but pregnant ladies can also perform this. Stand straight and try to extend both of your legs in the opposite direction. Bend to one side and touch your right feet with right hand’s fingers. Keep your other hand high in the air as if you are touching the ceiling. Look toward the ceiling and repeat the same pose with other hand also.

Triangle Pose

7. Upward Facing Dog

Also called as urdhva mukha svanasana, this pose strengthens and stretches your spine, arms and wrists. Lie face down on the mat and try to raise your front portion up with the support of your hands. Try to stretch as much as you can. When tired, relax for few second and repeat again.

Upward Facing Dog

8. Crow Pose

Crow pose or bakasana, aims to strengthen your wrist, arms, and abs. Although, it is a bit of a challenging pose but a great trick to perform all other poses with ease. Sit down on your feet and keep your arms inside your thighs. Keeping the legs bent, lift your entire frame solely on the support of your hands. Raise your body to the extent that your feet face toward the ceiling. Aim to do it without falling.

Crow Pose

9. Child’s Pose

This pose is also named as balasana. It provides relaxation, brings stretch in your body parts and relieves any kind of body pain. Sit on folded legs and raising arms high in the air, bring them lowly to the floor. Keeping your back straight, try to touch your nose on the floor.

Child’s Pose


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