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Bananas: A Superhero Among Fruits

Bananas A Superhero Among Fruits

A tropical fruit, Banana, is amongst the most widely consumed fruit around the world. Produced largely in the regions of Africa, Australia, Asia and America, this curved and yellow skinned fruit packs a high amount of nutrition. This fruit, although high in calories, boasts of many health benefits for the body. With over 23 percent of the total banana production, India leads the worldwide banana production, though a large amount of the fruit is used for domestic purposes.

Health Benefits of Banana

Boosts Moods And Counters Depression Symptoms

Banana are rich in tryptophan which gets converted to serotonin in the body and is a natural mood booster. Bananas have also been known to be effective against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So, the next time you are feeling low or down in the dumps, grab a banana as a natural way to uplift your mood.


Helps With Digestion and Weight Loss

Bananas are rich in pectin which promote digestion and help remove toxic substances from the body. This fruit can be used as a natural antacid as it helps counter heartburn and acidity. Further, bananas can be used in both constipation and diarrhoea as it helps regulate the bowel movement and produces enzymes that promote absorption of nutrients.

The high fiber content of this fruit is another factor in promoting digestion. It also helps a person stay full longer thereby aiding weight loss while the sweet flavour of this fruit helps against sugar cravings.

Weight Loss

Maintains Energy To Sustain Strenuous Exercise

Banana is loved by athletes and sportspersons for its ability to boost energy levels as well as maintain blood sugar levels. This fruits helps prevent muscle cramps which is a common problem faced by various athletes. In many instances, it has been said that the energy level maintained after having a banana were similar to commercial sports beverages. Thus, pick up a banana before your workout routine for a more power packed session.

Strenuous Exercise

Promotes Bone Health

Bananas offer a small amount of calcium but offer significant help in the absorption of calcium which is essential for the bones. A lot of food items may offer numerous health benefits but are tough for the human body to break down and absorb nutrients from. Bananas ensure that the calcium from your food gets absorbed by your bones.

Bone Health

Maintains Healthy Vision

Bananas contain Vitamin A which is essential for the body to maintain healthy and clear vision. This fruit has been known to prevent macular degeneration and promote healthy eyes.

Healthy Vision

Helps With Menstrual Pain

Banana works as a natural muscle relaxant that helps deal with menstrual pain and cramps. This fruit also reduces leg cramps at night thereby promoting better sleep.

Menstrual pain

Regulates High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure need to maintain a low sodium and healthy diet. Banana is rich in potassium while being extremely low in salt which helps counter high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

Promotes A Healthy Heart

Bananas offer several benefits for a healthy heart. They are rich in potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and keeps your heart beating at a healthy rate. This fruit helps regulate cholesterol and is low in fat which greatly reduces the chance of a stroke.

Healthy Heart

Helps Prevent Cancer And Asthma

Bananas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which helps counter various diseases and ailments. Several research studies claim that consumption of banana may be beneficial in fighting kidney cancer. Further, studies have also indicated that children with regular consumption of banana were at a lower risk of developing asthma.

Cancer and Asthma

Nutritional Content In A Banana


Bananas are a rich source of Potassium which helps lower blood pressure, regulate heart function and relax muscle cramps. This fruit also works well in maintaining a healthy equilibrium of fluids in the body.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B6 is an essential component to maintain good health. This vitamin promotes the growth of new cells, protects against type 2 diabetes, helps the nervous system and helps with weight loss. Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

Bananas contain Vitamin C which help boost the immunity system and promote absorption of other nutrients. People that consume foods rich in vitamin C are less likely to fall ill and can easily combat common diseases like common cold, flu etc. Vitamin C is also essential for maintaining healthy cells.


Bananas offer the body certain essential minerals like Magnesium, copper and Manganese. They offer several health benefits which include improved bone health, regulating metabolism, promoting a healthier heart as well as in the production of red blood cells.


Bananas also offer a small amount of iron which is important to maintain healthy blood health and protect against anaemia.


Many people aim to lower carbohydrates in their meals as a means to lose weight. Bananas offer the right amount of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up in the day. This fruit also works great as a pre or post workout snack as it regulates blood sugar levels.


Fiber is important to maintain a healthy digestive tract as well as in maintaining the heart. Further, foods rich in fibre help a person stay full longer thereby reducing mid-meal cravings and aiding in weight loss.

Important Note

While bananas offer great health benefits, one must never consume it in excess. In some instances, consuming over ripe bananas may dilate blood vessels triggering headaches. Further, there are certain medications which should never be consumed with bananas as they may have an adverse reaction.


People taking multi-vitamins should check that the levels of vitamins are not exceeding the suggested daily intake. Also, people on medication for heart disease should not consume much of bananas as the beat-blockers present in heart medication increase the amount of potassium in the body which can be quite risky. In people with a history of kidney problems, the potassium from the banana may not be processed properly causing high levels of potassium in the body which is extremely harmful. It is always advised to check with your doctor before introducing any new food in your diet.

kidney problems

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