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Best 6 Vitamins For Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is body’s foremost response for healing injury, infection or disease in body. Mostly chronic inflammation is triggered by Uncontrolled or prolonged unhealed injury. Chronic inflammation can last anything from weeks till years affecting health and weakening immune system. Life threatening diseases like cancer Alzehimer’s, Heart diseases and diabetes are few common chronic diseases. Today vital factors like unhealthy lifestyle, increased sugar rich food, refined carbohydrates,  processed food are major cause of Chronic inflammation. A diet rich in fruit and vegatables containing vitamins and minerals can manage such inflammations.

Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Managing Chronic Inflammation:

1. Vitamin A- Best Anti Inflammatory

vitamin A enhances body’s immune system and at the same time its powerful antioxidant. Being rich in antioxidants its good against DNA damages, cancer and keeps free radicals at bay. New research suggests vitamin A also has anti inflammatory properties. These anti inflammatory effect aide in maintaining immunity, fighting infections at base level, body and lungs inflammations and supporting healthy lungs. These positive developmnts makes it Best Vitamin for gaining high immunity. Its best if vitamin A rich foods like dark green leafy vegatables, carrots, melons, oranges are included in our daily diet.

Vitamin A- Best Anti Inflammatory

2. Vitamin B- Immunity Provider

Vitamin B and B complex vitamins are essential for Chronic Inflammation and maintaining immunity. Vitamin B is essential in keeping Red Blood Cells healthy, reducing fatigue, protecting against cancer, regulating nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Vitamin B1 and B6 hold powerful anti inflammatoryproperties therefore ideal for preventing or regulating inflammations in body. vitamin B6 has optimum health benefits and is vital for curing inflammation arising due to Rhumetaoid Arthirits and decreases Heart Disease’s Risk. Fish, poultry, dairy, cauliflower, mushroom and bell pepper are natural and highest source of vitamin B.

Vitamin B- Immunity Provider

3. Vitamin C- Healthiest Vitamin

Vitamin C is essential Immunity Giver. Vitamin C has higher anti-inflammatory benefits and rich in antioxidants. This vitamin is vital for producing Ligaments, Cartilage and Skin. Being Good antioxidant, its excellent anti inflammatory and can lessen CRP Levels. Studies show its best defense against Heart Diseases, Strokes  and Cholestrol. This beneficial vitamin should be first choice in diet. Its suggested drinking lemon water regularly boosts health and decreases hypertension. Vitamin C rich foods citrus fruits, papaya, mango, tomato are vital in diet.

Vitamin C- Healthiest Vitamin

4. Vitamin D- Bone Protector

This vitamin boosts bone health. Vitamin D is important for healing joint and bone related inflammation like rhumeatoid Arthritis. When combined with calcium it aides in reducing inflammation, weight loss and strengthens Bones. Its most effective against pro inflammatory and heart diseases. Doctors suggest consuimg Vitamin D for maximising recovery process in  Bone Relared Diseases and Injuries. Sunshine and Fish, Egg yolks and Meat are best for getting Vitamin D hence must in food.

Vitamin D- Bone Protector

5. Vitamin E- Antioxidant Loaded Vitamin

This is beneficial vitamin containing High antioxidants. Vitamin E, being antioxidant eliminates Inflammation causing free radicals from body. A diet rich in vitamin E aides in protecting in anything from Heart Disease to Breast Cancer. vitamin E is also Good Anti Inflammatory agent in Healing Inflammatory conditions like Muscle Degradation and Crohm’s Disease. These make vitamin E best amongst all vitamins. Natural source of Vitamin E are almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach and avocado.

Vitamin E- Antioxidant Loaded Vitamin

6. Vitamin K- Best Anti inflammatory Vitamin

This is excellent vitamin. Vitamin K is best kown for healing Blood Clots and Maintaining Blood Level. Research shows it holds good Anti Inflammatory Properties good for healing Inflammatory conditions in body. This is must needed vitamin in today’s diet. Few good source of Vitamin K are dark green leafy vegatables, eggs and milk. Being healthy and disease free has become necessity. An sincere effort should be made to consume more fruits and vegatables for reaping benefits of potent vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin K- Best Anti inflammatory Vitamin


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