Best Tips To Use Raw Honey For Fast Relief From Diabetic Sores

Best Tips To Use Raw Honey For Fast Relief From Diabetic Sores

Honey is one of the oldest natural remedies for diabetic sores. High concentration of sugar in the bloodstream reduces circulation. The sluggish circulation slows down wound healing, which makes treatment of diabetic sores a challenging task. The notoriously slow healing process tends to worsen the infections, which spreads to the surrounding tissues and increases the risk of amputation. However, studies have shown that honey can help in speeding up wound healing. In some cases, it is more effective than topical antibiotics. Furthermore, honey is an inexpensive remedy. It does not entail any side effect.

You Can Use Raw Honey In The Following Ways To Heal Diabetic Sores:

Raw Honey

You cannot use just any kind of honey for treating diabetic sores. The store-bought honeys are usually pasteurized that remove a number of beneficial natural ingredients that are present in raw honey. To treat your diabetic sore, use high quality organic raw honey such as Manuka honey.


Clean The Sore

Before applying honey to the affected area, remember to clean the area. Pour a little alcohol on a clean washcloth and wipe the wound. Alcohol helps in absorbing the dirt, grease and toxins and makes the area dry. Discard the washcloth after use. Disposable alcohol wipes available in the stores can also be used for cleaning the wound.

Clean The Wound

Applying Honey

The amount of honey you will need to treat the sore depends on the severity of the wound. Pour a small amount of honey in a clean and dry bowl. Dip a clean cotton swab in the honey and evenly spread the honey on the wound. After covering the wound with honey, discard the cotton swab. Always dip the cotton swab once in the honey. Therefore, if you have a large wound, you will need multiple cotton swabs to smear the wound with honey.

Applying Honey

Covering The Wound

Cover the diabetic sore with clean and dry gauze. Remember to discard the old gauze and apply a new one.

Covering The Wound


The diabetic sore should be treated twice a day with honey. After the first treatment, remove the wound dressing after about 10 hours. For an hour keep the affected area uncovered to improve air circulation. Then clean the wound, reapply honey and cover the wound with new gauze.

uncovered to improve air circulation

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