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Build Faster Muscles With Potassium Rich Blackstrap Molasses


Build Faster Muscles With Potassium Rich Blackstrap Molasses

The muscle building process requires plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep and individual healthy and to enable them in achieving their aim in a successful manner. A wide variety of minerals are needed in different quantities and for different reasons in order to fulfill this purpose.

One of these minerals includes potassium which is referred to as a significant body mineral because it influences electrical and cellular function. The physical stamina and cardiovascular tone can be greatly affected by the lack of potassium in the body.

What are Blackstrap Molasses?

Blackstrap Molasses is usually defined as a sweetener but unlike refined sugar, this sweetener is actually good for your health because it has significant health benefits. The sugar distillation process has a byproduct which is termed molasses. In this process, sugar crystals are extracted after heating cane juice. The third distillation gives blackstrap molasses which have high nutrient levels as they are highly concentrated. The ingredients in blackstrap molasses include potassium and are therefore considered integral to a number of body processes.

Blackstrap Molasses

Link Between Blackstrap Molasses and Potassium

Potassium is a blood mineral and needs to be consumed in huge quantities during muscle development because a large amount of this mineral is excreted through urination and sweating. Reduced potassium levels lead to cramps and lack of energy and this deficiency needs to be fulfilled immediately. Although, natural food alternatives are ideal for increasing levels of potassium, blackstrap molasses can do the job more quickly and effectively than any other alternative. As aforementioned, potassium has several natural sources but blackstrap molasses is a very quick method of supplying the body with this mineral. This is due to the fact that these particular molasses have high levels of the mineral and only two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses on a daily basis will fulfill around 10% of the potassium needed by the body. Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to develop their muscles will find blackstrap molasses useful.

Benefits of Molasses

1. The Role of Potassium In Muscle Building

A commonly asked question is that what is the importance and contribution made by the mineral potassium in the muscle development process. When it comes to the human body, potassium is considered to be extremely vital because it acts as a major role player in a number of processes. An important role is played by potassium in the process of nerve transmission and muscle contraction. Activities of nerves, as well as muscles, can be compromised if there is a deficiency of potassium in the body.

The Role of Potassium In Muscle Building

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2. Better Metabolism

Particularly for muscle developers and bodybuilders, potassium holds a lot of value because it has an impact on the energy metabolism of the body and also aids in maintaining a proper balance of acid base and electrolyte. A person will tire easily and the muscles will become low if levels of potassium are dangerously low. In regard to energy metabolism, potassium plays an active part in the synthesis of protein from the amino acids found in the cells. Protein is necessary for muscle repair and growth and thus makes potassium important. Furthermore, carbohydrate metabolism which comprises of glycogen and glucose metabolism is also greatly affected by the presence of potassium. Glucose is converted into glycogen by potassium which is then further stored in the liver as fuel for future energy which is a major requirement in muscle development and growth.


3. Helps Preserve Potassium

The problem arises that there is no way to preserve potassium in the body and the kidneys will continue to excrete this mineral even if a shortage exists. But the balance of this electrolyte is essential for healthy maintenance. Even though supplements might be available for replenishing the depleted stores of potassium, it is best to opt for blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses also have calcium, manganese and iron which are beneficial for the body. But most importantly; blackstrap molasses contain potassium which gives a boost to muscle growth.



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