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8 Must Know Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Carrots


 Must Know Dangerous Side Effects Of Consuming Carrots

Carrot, a root vegetable, is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. This extremely versatile vegetable offers a range of health benefits. Consuming this vegetable can lower cholesterol levels, improve vision; reduce the risk of heart attacks and lower blood pressure levels. However, if you eat large quantities of this vegetable, you are likely to suffer from some unpleasant health problems like significant rise in blood glucose levels, allergic reactions and carotenemia. To discover some of the major side effects of consuming this vegetable, read on.

Here are 8 Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Consuming Carrots

1. Spike In Blood Sugar

Diabetics should avoid consuming this vegetable in large quantities. Carrots, particularly cooked ones, rank pretty high on the glycemic index chart. Eating foods with the moderately high glycemic index can raise blood glucose levels. Individuals who are diagnosed with this lifestyle disease should also avoid drinking large quantities of carrot juice as well.

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2. Gastric Disturbances

Eating large quantities of this vegetable in its raw form can cause severe digestive problems. This vegetable has substantial amounts of fiber. A hundred grams of this vegetable yields almost 2.8 gms of fiber. Excessive intake of fiber rich foods can lead to diarrhea.  Gastric conditions like chronic bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome can also be aggravated if this vegetable forms a major chunk of an individual’s diet plan.

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3. Causes Carotenemia  

This is one of the more dangerous side effects of consuming this vegetable. Eating vast quantities of this vegetable can cause yellow-orange pigmentation of the skin. The yellow discoloration of the skin can be attributed to the elevated blood levels of carotene, a lipochrome. Individuals who suffer from underlying chronic health conditions like hypothyroidism, anorexia nervosa and diabetes mellitus should avoid excessive intake of this vegetable as they have a higher risk of developing carotenemia.

Causes Carotenemia

4. May Cause Miscarriage

This vegetable is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin C. A hundred grams of this vegetable yields almost 5.9 mg of vitamin C. Consuming vast quantities of vitamin rich foods are likely to cause spontaneous abortion by stimulating menstruation.


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5. Severe Allergic Reactions  

Eating raw carrots can induce mild to severe allergic reactions. This vegetable is not high on the list of allergy inducing foods. However, consuming vast quantities of this vegetable, especially in its raw form can cause uncomfortable physical effects. Fluid migration to the mucous membranes, itching, swelling, nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing are some of the typical allergic symptoms which may be caused by consuming large quantities of this vegetable.

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6. Drastically Lowers Blood Pressure

People who are diagnosed with low blood pressure should definitely avoid making this vegetable a significant part of their diet plant. This vegetable contains vast caches of beta carotene and potassium. Nutritional studies show that both potassium and beta carotene can drastically lower blood pressure readings. Sudden and dangerous dip in blood pressure can in turn unleash a host of health problems.

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7. Can Cause Osteoporosis

This vegetable is an excellent dietary sources of vitamin A. Just one serving or one hundred grams of raw carrots yield a whopping 16,706 Iu of vitamin A. Nutritional studies have revealed the startling fact that excessive inatke of vitamin A rich foods like this vegetable can lead to bone loss. High amounts of vitamin A causes a build up of osteoclasts, which eats into healthy bones. This in turn can lead to bone degenerative diseases like osteoporosis.

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8. Intestinal Blockage

If your diet predominantly comprises of the raw carrots, you fall into the high risk category for intestinal blockage. The high fiber content of this vegetable can cause a partial or even complete blockage of the intestines. This in turn can give rise to severe stomach pain and feeling of nausea. The severity of this problem is generally determined by the extent of obstruction.

Intestinal Blockage

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