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10 Foods That Can Help To Prevent Grey Hairs

Foods That Can Help Prevent Grey Hairs

Greying of hair is a natural process especially as you grow older. However, grey hair at a younger age can really lead to low self-esteem and stress. Nowadays, young children themselves can be found to have grey hairs. This is mainly due to the change in lifestyle and eating habits. A non-balanced diet and stress are some of the other reasons for the appearance of grey hairs. There are factors such as hereditary that also contribute to premature greying of hair. Premature greying can be delayed by consuming the right diet.

Lists Of Foods That Can Help In Preventing Grey Hairs

1. Fresh Green Vegetables

Green veggies are a great source of Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for healthy hair. Spinach is one such veggie that is rich in vitamin B. Consuming green veggies will not only help you in delaying the greying process but will also help in getting rid of existing grey hairs in the long run.

Fresh green vegetables

2. Chocolates

The black color of the hair is basically due to the presence of Melanin cells. Copper is the basic element that helps in the production of melanin cells. Chocolates are rich in copper and therefore intake of chocolates can help you in reversing the grey hairs.


3. Berries

Berries are rich sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to prevent premature greying of hairs. Besides this, vitamin C also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.


4. Salmon

Salmon is a seafood which is known to regulate the production of hormones that are responsible for the black color of the hair. It is a rich source of Selenium.


5. Almonds

Intake of almonds makes the skin and the hair healthy. It is a rich source of Vitamin E and copper. Consuming almonds on a regular basis can prevent greying of hair.


6. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great source of minerals which are essential for retaining the black color of the hair.

Sunflower seeds

7. Curry Leaves 

Curry leaves are one among the best home remedies for preventing grey hairs. These leaves are boiled along with coconut oil and applied on the scalp. This coconut oil has the property of strengthening the roots of the hair. It is also known to increase the melanin content.

Curry Leaves

8. Gooseberries 

Also known as Amla is found to have properties that can help in increasing the pigmentation. It also helps a great deal in the growth of the hair.


9. Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products are rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for the promotion of oxygen to the scalp. This in turn helps in hair growth.

Dairy products

10. Cod Liver Oil

Iron rich food such as cod liver oil can help in prevention of grey hairs.

Cod liver oil

Apart from these list of foods, it is necessary to have a good exercise regime and a proper balanced diet in order to avoid premature greying of hair.

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