Top 4 Healthy And Energy Boosting Pre-Workout Snacks

Healthy And Energy Boosting Snacks

Consuming a healthy and nutritious meal before a workout is very important to maintain our energy levels and be able to endure the entire workout routine. A meal that is too light will leave one feeling light headed and weak, while a heavy meal can make one sick and sluggish. A good pre-workout meal consists of the right amount of carbohydrates and protein that the body requires to sustain physical activity. Further, a nutritious meal before a workout can also help you lose weight that much quicker.

Fruit With Nut Butter

A few slices of fruit with almond or peanut butter makes a great pre workout snack. Fruits such as banana or apple are loaded with vitamins and minerals that give your workout an added boost while the protein from the nut butter keeps you full and energised.

Fruit with Nut Butter


A healthy fresh fruit smoothie or a protein smoothie are great pre-workout snacks. The body gets a powerhouse of nutrition and energy to sustain a workout. Protein smoothies are great for people building muscle as it also enables the body to repair damaged tissue.


Dried Fruits

A handful of nuts or trail mix are a great on the go snack before a workout. They are tiny yet extremely potent sources of energy that help fuel a workout session, especially if the time gap is not sufficient for a meal.

Dried Fruits

Oatmeal Or Quinoa

A meal of oatmeal with fruits or quinoa with vegetables makes one to feel full longer allowing you to go that extra mile in your workout. It helps sustain energy levels for a longer workout session.

Oatmeal or Quinoa

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