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10 High Calorie Foods You Should Be Aware Of

High Calorie Foods You Should Be Aware Of

High calorie foods are basically ranked as foods that should be consumed in limited quantities. They rank on the lower side of the food pyramid, which means eating too much of it can cause health problems like weight gain. However, not all high calorie foods are bad. But some of them also contain added preservatives, sugar, fats, etc. which makes it unhealthy.

So Eating Them In Moderation Is Advised:

1. Pastas

Pastas are usually made from white flour. Very few of these varieties are actually made using semolina, whole wheat flour or even other food variations that are healthy. Durum wheat is another option in pasta that is low on calories. But remember that regular white flour based pasta is going to be high on calories along with starch, which slows down the digestions process.


2. Breads/ Bakery

Bakery items are always made with more of white flour based produce. This includes the standard white bread, muffins, cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. Do keep in mind that even though they might be made with a mix of white flour and multi-grains, they are still going to be very high on sugar. So no matter what you do, these are high calorie foods that should be avoided for weight loss. It also contains unhealthy fats that wreck your metabolism.


3. Aerated Drinks

Oh you don’t drink aerated items. You prefer diet cola or soda. But who told you that both are not aerated. Carbonated or aerated drinks are the worst kind of thing that you can do to your health. These basically contain high amounts of sugar along with wrong carbonated chemicals that result in high calories. Even the diet version is not really what it seems. 15 teaspoon of sugar is the minimum amount that goes into a glass of this drink.

Processed Juices And Cereals

4. Fried Fast Foods

French fries and hamburgers are on your list of favorite fast foods. Sure you can indulge in them once in a week or may be couple of weeks but not more. Remember that french fries or any kind of fried foods are not really your best friend. They are doubly high on calories because fast food joints keep re-frying them for serving it hot to you. Another problem here is the fact that these are not really used or cooked in healthier oil forms. The oil has been used so many times before that it totally gives you only calories with no nutrients.

Fried Fast Foods

5. Readymade Energy Bars

Readymade energy bars are created for the purpose of helping you get energy and gain weight. They contain very high amounts of sugar that is suggested for people who go to extreme workout limits, like athletes. But what you don’t know is that this boost of energy comes from pure sugar. Even the amount of cereal in them is rather restricted and processed, which cuts down on calories.

Readymade Energy Bars

6. Processed Juices And Cereals

Your processed juices and cereals too are high on calorie content. In fact, they lose out on good nutrients along with fibre and just provide you with glucose or sugar. Apart from this added sugar, there is also the problem of added preservatives here that increases the number of calories that your are going to consume.

Processed Juices And Cereals

7. Ready To Cook Foods

Canned food items that are ready to cook or even microwave meal are zero on health and high on useless calories. Come to think of it, the canned chickpeas need no cooking but when you get the regular ones, you have to soak them and boil them. Obviously the nutrients are lost in the packing process. You should try to avoid these high calorie foods as much as possible.

Ready To Cook Foods

8. Red Meats

The worst kind of food that you can add to your body would be red meats, which are not only high on calories but also on fat and cholesterol. In fact, red meat is one of the super heavy ingredients that you really should avoid. It simply makes you get useless calories, which is more than what your body can handle.

Red meat

9. Candies/ Chewing Gum/ Chocolates

You can never resist a good candy or love to chew gum because it stops you from eating too much. But do you know that both of these ingredients contain too much of sugar. They are hence causing weight gain due to the high calories of sugar.

Candies Chewing Gum Chocolates

10. Ice Creams

Be it dairy-based ice creams or even regular yogurt or gelato. All of these contain high amounts of sugar again, which adds to the calorie factor. High calorie ice-creams cause you to gain weight in the long run. Avoid them as much as you can, unless low sugar variations are available.

Ice cream

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